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I was an athlete my whole life. I started gymnastic at age 2 and national level age 6 was on team Canada for Gymnastic (my bio is on my websites in more detail). Started in fitness was in bad car accident muscle saved my life and got back in the gym, and here I am today IFBB PRO Bodybuilder. I have always been a performer and love to see the changes in my mind and body… A WORK OF ART!

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I have been competing 17 years so I have done many different diets… each year your body changes and you have to be able to adapt to the changes. It may have worked one year and not the next… every prep is a learner curve if someone says they nail it every time they aren’t realistic. I like Keto and Keto cycling… I have tried flex dieting (but realistically bodybuilders have been doing that for years as we switch our proteins, veggies & complexed carbs &fats all the time we just never named it lol). Now flex dieting today is well for the weak minded or fits my macros so that they can still eat those cookies as it fit in my day… not what real bodybuilding dieting is. This is a sport of extreme over the top!
I don’t believe in OFF SEASON as most get lazy with diet and food this is a LIFESTYLE and should be done all year just go up 10-15 pounds and giving yourself the treats from time to time. (I will be having blogs and my books coming out about my style of training and dieting) Keep an eye open for it!

Failed diet: New Age Flex Dieting …. I don’t have time to sit down and log in to my phone when I am training & dieting and running a business ….made me upset and stressed out to reach a dam number everyday … There is NO STRUCTURE to be successful you need structure and that starts with food and knowing what you are eating and just doing it. Answer to a human not a dam APP.

I design my training in advance… plus I have been lifting weights for over 26 plus years… so it's second nature to me. It’s my lifestyle. You eat according to what you are training. If it's leg day you will need more food that day as it’s a hard workout takes a lot of energy big muscle groups… arms less not a hard workout… same with cardio … I do fasted cardio in the morning 6-7 days a week depending on how my body is responding,.. HIIT Cardio 2 times a week real HIIT cardio fasted with 20 mins seedy cardio to finish off.

I have always had confidence from being a young athlete my body and routines have been judged at a young age. Believing in yourself and the work you have put in. Staying positive focused on your end goal. I also practice my poses (I AM A POSING COACH AND COREOGRAPHER) so you have to work hard. So you train hard in the gym & diet hard, if you do not know how to showcase your physique on stage …. Doesn’t matter how good you look you will be over looked.

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Well Pro Meeting/Check ins are different as we all sit at tables some talk to friends etc. we are all different… me I keep to myself don’t go out of my way.. I am there to do what I need to do and get ready for show day.

Prejudging rest back stage eat meals pump up feet up… and mentally prepare for when you are lining up and going to walk on stage. Each show is different sometimes we have free style posing routine then we all line up and do monitories and compulsory poses then comparisons. Then walk off and get ready for night show. Finals same you wait back stage and do what you do eat mentally prepare for your routine if you make top 10. Do your routine and wait for the finals comparisons and show case you the best you can… Feelings honestly never pay attention to how I am feeling (sometimes I get a little fidgety in the hopes that everyone will like my routine… that’s about all) I block a lot of stuff out and stay cover backstage till it’s time to reveal my work of art.

This is a lifestyle so you learn and know how to make it work. If people don’t understand what you do oh well I don’t explain my actions or why I do anything anymore I am too old and set in what I do you either roll with me or walk…. I am flexible and can adapted to pretty much anything as I travel a lot overseas for trade shows with my sponsors and I train and have meals with me at all times. So you are either in this lifestyle full time or you’re not. All the people that are close in my life know my lifestyle understand it not all do what I do but we don’t judge each other and I live my life the way I feel fits me and what my goals are…. To be athletic fit happy successful in everything I do in life.

Future plans - To keep inspiring and motivating others to reach for the goals and bettering themselves no matter what it is. Keep competing and improving every year! To be the BEST that is every athletes goal.

Services I offer
Posing /Routines (in person/online) I teach everyone what to expect on stage and how to showcase their hard work.. I work with men and women (all divisions)
Online Training
Personal training
Contest Prep (in person/online)
I have a lot going on in my life so you will have to follow me and see what I am up to next… I am very private with something and others well you will see… I am a mystery if you like a great novel lol …..

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