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A new IFBB Bikini Pro, 2019 NPC Teen Collegiate & Masters National Championships
Mom of 5 (!!)

My interest in npc bikini shows began in early 2016 by scrolling through Instagram believe it or not!! I started my first prep in June of 2016 and my first show was the Felicia Romero Classic in Nov 2016 in Mesa AZ. As a mom of five kids I thought this would be a incredible goal for me to shoot for.

My diet during prep and off season is macros. My coach adjust my numbers based on face to face suit checks. My numbers increase pretty high during my off season to help me build muscle. The longer I compete, the more I am able to eat. With each prep, my numbers have been higher and higher closer to a show. 8 weeks before a show I really clean up my diet and eat all Whole Foods. I have always done macros. I havenít tried any other ways of dieting.

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I grew up competing in pageants, I was a cheerleader and dancer my whole life. I am used to being in front of crowds. However, it took me getting into tip top shape to be confident to be in a tiny bikini. It also helps to have a tan, extensions and amazing makeup artists whoíll help you feel beautiful.

When I have a goal there is no stopping me. I knew that diet and training go hand in hand. You canít look a certain way and so one without the other. I never wanted to go on stage feeling like someone outworked me in the gym or in diet. I train legs/glutes 3x per week and back chest and shoulders 3x as well. Triceps just one day. Cardio changes throughout my prep. I have done 25 min hiit sessions, 30 min steady state and currently am at 15min of any type.

I recently just won my pro card at the TCM nationals in Pittsburgh. This was my third national show and my 10th show in total. It definitely was the most anticipated and exciting show for me. I had a winners mindset and I was determined to get my pro card. It took me three years but I did it! Itís always a blast traveling with my team and check ins are fun because of picture taking! Itís a little nerve-racking during the measurement time to see what class youíre going to be in and who youíll be up against. I always recognize all the faces of people Iíve met through previous shows it is great to catch up and give lots of hugs :-) show day we have to wake up very early sometimes 3 AM to get our hair and make up done. The day before consisted of a tan and showed a morning you go in tan again and get ready for the day. Coach adjusts your food all day long and monitors how you look. This specific show, I was very very nervous.

It was a huge show and there were a lot of women in each class. I listened to motivational talks and some motivational YouTube videos before I went on stage for pre-judging. After I did my routine I prayed they would call my number, 700, during first callouts. That is always the goal, to get first callouts. My number was called and I was absolutely thrilled. There were six of us and myself and another lady split center. You just get up there and try to remember every little thing that youíve been taught and practiced during posing. Fire your glutes, show your lat, bring your shoulder around, donít bend your legs too much, keep your hair behind your shoulders, donít twist too much, sit into your glutes, pop your glutes, donít trip and most of all own the stage and be confident. Smile and look the judges right in the eyes. I tried to do all of the above LOL. After prejudging you wait forever until finals. It goes quicker this time at finals they brought the top six on stage and that is when they announce the winners. When they announced the runner-up and then I was the only one left it was one of the best moments of my life so far as a competitor. I did it! I actually won my pro card! All of the sacrifice, perseverance, hard work that my husband and 5 kids went through the last three years was all worth it. I was shaking, so so so happy! I wish I could relive that feeling forever.

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Being an athlete has taught me so much about hard work. I truly know I can do anything and I mean anything. I also know that anybody can do anything they want if they are just consistent. I feel like consistency is such an important word. Being consistent in anything you do, not only at the gym but in all aspects of life will bring your results. I hope I have inspired my kids to be reach for their goals and I hope that I have inspired other moms to know that they could do anything they want or put their mind to! Bikini competitors that are over 50 years old getting on stage looking incredible! I love talking to people about diet and training and little things they can do to improve their life style. It will be a process for me to get back into the normalcy of life. Competing has consumed my time for years now and Iím going to focus so much more on my family. Iím in the process of reverse dieting but Iím definitely not slacking at the gym. This is muscle building time for me. But I also want to spend more time with my family.

I would love to compete as a pro! The fun part is, there are many shows throughout the year. Maybe looking into next year and trying to compete with some of my girlfriends to make it a girls trip. I am forever grateful for the friends I have made on this journey!

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