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I started lifting about a year and a half ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Growing up, I was an athlete. Anyone who is an athlete knows that means practice every day and games on the days you aren't practicing. VERY TIME CONSUMING, so I decided that I'd like to be able to have more time to spend on myself, my family, with friends, and even get a job. That's when I started getting into lifting. Every day after school, I'd go straight to the gym and stay there for hours. I seriously fell in love with it. The hard work paid off, I watched my body change. I would never say I was fat, but I wasn't fit either.

Competing was never really something I wanted to do. Everyone always would ask me what I was training for and I'd just say "myself". It wasn't until I started watching YouTube videos where that seemed to be the thing to do. I got into the health aspect of fitness too and that's when I started to notice the real results. Ever since then I always thought it'd be cool to see what I could do if I took my body to the extreme, so here I am on prep.

The most effective diet I have found to work for me is if it fits your macros or IIFYM. I've tried meal plans, but I would just start craving food and binge eating prolonging the diet and the results. That's why IIFYM works best for me!

Lifting is easy it's something I love to do. Cardio on the other hand, isn't as much fun. I know that it will be worth it in the end, though. Using IIFYM is what makes it possible for me to diet.

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Being a student in college is difficult. I am a freshman so living in the dorms is a REAL struggle. Not having a kitchen is hard - I've basically mastered all microwave meals. It's tough to do, but I try to go home on the weekends or go to a friend's apartment to meal prep my food to stay on track. Also the parties. Since most college students thrive off of drinking and getting trashed it's hard to make friends who are like minded and have goals and visions. Prep can be lonely, but in my eyes nothing makes me happier than knowing I'm killing it while they're passed out on the side of the street at 2 AM drunk out of their minds. Balancing time for classes, lifting, cardio sessions, posing, friends, family, and being a social media influencer is difficult and a challenge. I love it and continue to push harder and harder everyday! Nothing can stop me.

This is my first competition, so we will see but I am very excited to show off what I have worked so hard for! Depending on how much I love it we will see where this takes me! Hopefully to nationals!

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