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An Update from Jamie, May 2017.

I just finished up the first show of my 2 show season. I have been building/bulking for almost a year and a half straight, since the end of my bikini days. I needed to cut and made sense to prep for a show while at it. I needed to see how far I had come and how much muscle mass I had actually acquired in that building time.

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I was really nervous for this first show, terrified would be more accurate. I knew I wasn't holding as much muscle size as I would have liked and I certainly wasn't lean as I would have liked, however, I had been diligent with my posing and took every drop of advice and criticism from my coach and posing coach as gold. I knew if I were going to compete at this size, I needed to look the posing part.

Prejudging was a blur for me, as I had had a chaotic morning and actually showed up late!! My hair wasn't done up and I had forgotten my jewelry!! A wonderful bikini competitor offered up her jewelry to use as I was being guided up to the stage. Once on the stage, it was evident all that posing practice was a major score!! I felt amazing! No jitters, no nerves, just smiles and doing what I had spent countless hours setting myself up to do. I couldn't tell how I fared, as I was quite small in physique compared to some of the other figure ladies, but I had a great time!

Heading into finals, I actually had my hair done, my own jewelry and I knew that no matter what happened, I was going to turn up the charm.... if nothing else, I wanted some amazing stage pictures!! It turned out to be a very eventful finals and was honored to win 3 first placings and a second, and the ability to go up twice to compete for overall. I didn't quite win overall, but when you lose to those kinds of bodies, there is no shame!! I was extremely proud of my showing.

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This prep was tremendously difficult. After my last bikini prep, 2 years ago, I suffered from advanced adenomyosis, with extremely elevated estrogen levels and needed to undergo a hysterectomy. My hormones kind of went to the circus after that. I was unsure what a prep would even look like after all of that, and found it to be the most difficult thing I have ever done. My body was absolutely refusing to let go of fat, and made me have to work that much harder than I ever had before. My diet had to be spot on, and was basically keto a majority of the time. I missed my carbs, and was so fatigued very early on, however, I was just so determined to do everything in my control to make sure my prep was successful. Training was consistent and even towards the end, was heavy and productive. It wasn't until peak week where I saw my strength vastly decline. I was pretty proud I could keep up the way I did. Cardio on the otherhand.... lol!!! Cardio I had to force myself to do, yet again, willing to do whatever I needed to. It was 60m per day and am still doing as I continue to prep for my second and last show this season, before heading back to building more mass.

Being a figure athlete, which is crazy to even say that, is an amazing accomplishment. I am so proud of what it has done in my life, confidence, strength, and just attitude towards life in general. It makes me believe in myself as I set crazy ideas in front of me, but with help from my amazing coaches, they become attainable. And that is pretty cool. My family has been a cornerstone in making it possible. The costs, the emotional toll, and just the basic prep crazies.... they have been an incredible support and couldn't begin to imagine this being possible without them.
There is also my coach's team. They are my family. They have lifted me up when I was too weak, to unsure and too tired to keep going. Their pep talks, support and humor kept me alive and they have made my life better, just knowing they are there.

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My plans are to finish this last season, with a better lean out, and more polished posing, then to head back into building as much as I can, before next season. My ultimate goal is to be that massive muscle behemoth I am intimidated by now. I will get there, because so far.... I have done every last little thing, I have said I was going to do.

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