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Hey my name is Jamie Rinaldi I am 20 years old all my life I have been athletic and loved playing sports, but when I got to college I wasn't on a team. So the gym took over I loved seeing improvements I made, and this summer I found my coach and started meal peeping and training even harder learning new ways to hit every muscle.

My diet was very clean and it changed almost every two weeks depending on what my coach saw in are weekly check ins, 2 weeks prior to my first show I had no carbs all protein and fibrous veggies. Peak week I pushed myself to the limits no carbs 2 gallons of water a day egg whites and chicken and broccoli is what I ate. The day before show I added small portions of rice with every meal and only a third of water.

Day of show I didn't eat much I had chicken and rice then before stage a recess cup and man that thing was so good, my coach really helped me out cause this was my first time ever competing.

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I train 7 days a week no days off 1 day will be a bit work out I try to do all body weights and use bands, and I do cardio a lot on those days. Also LISS workouts every day 2 weeks prior to show.

The second show I did I was much more confident I had my posing down and didn't rush. You get the biggest rush when you walk on stage and you just have to think of how hard you worked to get there then pose your butt off. I was nervous my first show especially during pre judging and seeing all the other girls. When my name was called that I placed I was so happy my first show and I placed 5th.

For the future I am going to compete again I am bulking now trying to gain more muscle all around especially in my arms I have many goals I want to reach for 2017.
I love to help others in their fitness journeys, I have a lot of good tips and tricks and I tend to be a very motivational person, if you ever want to contact me my email is: jamielynn1002@gmail.com. You can also follow my fitness journey on instagram which is: jamie_lyn02 follow me and DM me any questions you have ! Thank you so much guys!

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