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When I was 6 years old, my family and I use to tour South Africa to watch my uncle compete. I use to nag my mom, asking her how I could get a six pack like him. I think itís safe to say from that age onwards I was slightly obsessed with the fitness industry.

I wish I could sit here and say how I fell in love with training and whatever other corny statement that gets thrown around but that definitely wasnít the case for me.

My mom use to force me to go to gym with her when I was about 16/17 years old. It didnít do anything for me. I genuinely hated going. I actually remember having massive arguments with my mom about training. Every night I would tell her to wake me up for gym in the morning so I could join her. Come morning, she would try wake me up but I wasnít having any part of it. Some mornings she would win but majoity of the time I would win and stay snug in bed. I guess it just wasnít for me at the time.

Condition check with coach this morning to do some tweaks ?????? 6 weeks to go ??feeling kinda stressed but at the same time I don't think I've been in this condition 6 weeks out from a show before so I think I'm going to stop complaining and get on with it ?? got a lot of work ahead but I know @annelizedohne always gets my condition on point on the day and thats all that matters ?? Coached by @annelizedohne ???? Team @borntodominatefemale ???? Bikini by @magicbikinis ???? #prep #preplife #compprep #conditioncheck #6weeksout #provincials #ifbbkzn #ifbb #onlinecoach #transformation #stageprep #fitspo #instafit #proudlybtd #borntodominate #teambtd #axefitness #teamaxe #fit4life #vxsgymwear #fit

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Although I use to be a very active individual with my sports, I was a relatively lazy person so gym definitely didnít appeal to me. Once I finished matric and started varsity, I needed to find an alternative way of staying active as I no longer had school sports to keep me fit. I became friends with a girl from varsity who shared the same goal as me and she was committed to competing that year. I think having an outside perspective of what she had to endure and sacrifice in order to compete allowed me to mentally prepare for what I would have to do if this was something I truly wanted to commit to.

I didnít have the understanding or the knowledge on how to get where I wanted to be so I joined a fitness challenge in order to get a better understanding about the industry and how to get the basics down like my eating portions and how to train in order to get a certain outcome.

I took the challenge as seriously as I could but I wasnít as committed as I should have been. I started using a personal trainer however that route was not for me either. My brother had mentioned an online trainer, Annelize Dohne. She took on the ladies whilst her husband, Marius Dohne, trained the men. They were pretty much a dynamic duo.

Honestly, the first 2 months that I was with Annelize, I made more progress than I did with the challenge and personal trainer combined. My body started shaping, I was a little more committed because all of a sudden I was answerable to someone every 4 weeks. After a minimal amount of time with my coach, she suggested I compete the following year. It was a little exciting, a little daunting. I wanted to say yes immediately but I had a lot of self-doubt. I actually ended up saying no and we continued as normal. The following month she brought it up again and for the second time I shot myself in the foot and said no, it wasnít for me, even though I was secretly dying to say yes. That month I went to a local bodybuilding show and paid that much more attention to the line up I would want to be in. I wonít lie, I went home sulking that night because I knew deep down inside I could really be something incredible if I just tried. After that night I knew it was time to make it happen. My coach and I had a proper discussion about competing the following year. We decided on a show then and there and what category I would enter and just like that, it began. I competed in my first IFBB show in 2016 and Iíve loved every part of the process since.

Diet off-season vs.pre-contest
My eating plans donít change drastically. I still eat the same type of food but my portion sizes are more generous on an off-season than they are in season. My off-season eating plans are definately more leniant. My coach often provides me with different options for each meal so it isnít restrictive. My body works well on a carb-cycle. I manage to build lean muscle whilst dropping body fat simultaneously.

My coach has tried different diets with me in order to get the results we are looking for. Different diets work for different people. Last year we were prepping for shows that were one after another. For my final show, we tried to do a zero carb diet in order to come in leaner and in peak condition. That didnít go according to plan at all. My body wasnít having any part of a zero carb diet and my progress became stagnant. We have found that my body thrives on carb cycling but zero carbs isnít the way to go for me. Not that Iím complaining. I think I would be incredibly upset if I had to do zero carbs for a show just because my body reacts to it. I would be such an unhappy person.

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Building self-confidence
Out of all honestly, I have absolutely no idea. When I go to the beach, I refuse to walk around in my bikini nevermind step on stage with bright lights on you! When I was prepping, I was so focused on getting stage ready that I didnít process the part where I had to actually get on stage! Iím a very shy person and I easily pick out my flaws so for the first 2 shows I was definitely intimidated but that kind of attitude doesnít show well on stage so sometimes you just have to fake it and act like you were made for that stage. My first beach bikini show, I could feel my legs shaking. I was standing backstage waiting to go on and all I wanted to do was duck and run off. Now that I think of it, I had multiple emotional breakdowns because I didnít know how I was going to go through with it. Iím so thankful that I overcame a really stressful fear. I would say competing has shaped me as I find I hold myself with more confidence than I ever have and this type of confidence, poise and grace shows naturally on stage.

My training program will always consist of weight lifting and cardio. The amount of cardio will depend on if Iím prepping or on an off-season. I wonít lie, although I get cardio for my off-season, I donít usually do it so come competing season my coach thrashes me with cardio. My weight training is divided into muscle groups however coach loves legs so we do legs no less than twice a week. I work my meal times around my training times to ensure I eat every 3 hours on the dot. Iím incredibly pedantic about my meal times.

On Stage
The biggest eye opener for me was competing internationally. Competing in local shows is pretty much sheltered, to say the least. Thereís only so many new faces at a local show so yes, you know your competitors prior to the show, you know the judges and they know your face and youíre well looked after in terms of making sure you are registered, bikini is checked etc. I had the honour to represent South Africa at the IFBB Junior and Master World Championships 2017 in Romania. We arrived incredibly early for athlete check-in and waited, for what felt like hours, to be registered.

Once we were called to register, the process was incredibly swift and professionally handled. They werenít interested in seeing the bikini cut, if the cut was too small on stage, they would simply ask you to leave the stage. In order to avoid this, I showed the IFBB officials my bikini and was told I was not allowed to wear it. I couldnít hold my disappointment together and burst into tears. I had such an incredible team of ladies with me who offered their spare suits to try on. Luckily I did pack a spare bikini however the international bikini cuts and the cuts we have to wear in South Africa are completely different. We basically wear nappies.

That evening I cut the boning out of my bikini pants and sat sewing my bikini in order to give it the shape it needed. I was so disheartened. Although I was making another plan that would work, I was dying to wear my new bikini that couldnít be worn. Once that dramatic situation was handled, I could settle my emotions.

Come show day, it was time for make-up. Iím a pretty useless woman when it comes to make-up so a month prior to the show I found a make-up artist in Bistrita to help me. We had discussed, in very broken English, that she would do my make-up at the hotel. On my side, it was just for safety reasons. Bare in mind Iím 100% a foreigner in Romania and I have no clue where I am so yes, safety is always the number one choice. The day of the show my make-up artist messaged me to say she couldnít come to the hotel, she would prefer to pick me up and take me to her studio. I was pretty hesitant to get in a random persons car and drive off but I desperately needed my make-up done. Okay so itís safe to say I wasnít abducted and she was the most incredible make-up artist!

Our team gathered at the venue. We found a decent locker room backstage and practically claimed it. Unbeknown to us, IFBB had changed the program so competitors who were ready to compete on day 1 were moved to day 2 and vice versa. It was a complete stuff up and absolute chaos.

From waking up at 5am for condition check, make-up and tan touch ups to late afternoon, we were still waiting to compete. The time dragged. We were eventually called to wait backstage for warm up and to be called for our divisions. It was such an awkward feeling. I felt very much out of place. I donít know if it was because it wasnít the comfort of competing on home ground or I if was just extremely anxious. We were lined up in, literally, the biggest line up Iíve ever seen.

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Coming from South Africa to an international stage it was completely different and I was blown out of the water. The standard overseas is just impeccable. As we were lined up I scanned the other competitors and I knew deep down inside that I wasnít on the same level. I tried my best to stand out but I could see that I didnít catch a single judges attention and immediately felt my heart drop. We were taken off stage to find out who made top 15. My name wasnít called and although I wasnít surprised, it definitely killed me. Coming from a winning streak and placing 2nd at SA Champs to not even making a line out was a tough pill to swallow.

Being an athlete changes everything. Iíve gotten into a routine to the point where gym actually isnít an option. Itís just something that you do everyday. Itís the same feeling as when you go to work. Whether you want to go or not, you have to do it. You have to show up and do what you need to do.

I donít have a social life which actually suits me. Iíve become an anti-social person. Not that I donít like being around people but I prefer my own company. I would rather sit at home than go, literally, anywhere. Besides gym, obviously. My friendships do and have taken strain because I donít go out however I feel that if your friends support your goal, they will be understanding.

This lifestyle changes the way you think, what you do, how you do it. Your whole mindset changes. Itís funny how you can look at food and think of the calorie intake before anything else. You become more intuned to what you put into your body and how your body works.

It definitely makes you more selfish. You put yourself and your needs first before others. I donít see how that is a bad thing. At the end of the day, it is about your own happiness and well-being. Competing makes me happy. Being healthy and in shape makes me feel more confident about myself. Being an athlete keeps me grounded, focused and goal driven all year round.

Future Plans
Honestly I would love to compete overseas more often. The opportunity to grow and become recognised as a competitive athlete would be an absolute dream. My future plan is to compete on a World Stage again and of course, receive my pro card. It would be incredible to make a career out of this sport!

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