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I got into competing about 4 years ago. I started working out at my local gym about six years ago and started getting serious with my training and diet a year into it. I had several people compliment me on my results, dedication, and motivation. Several asked if I ever competed before and the answer was always no and they would always respond back stating that I should. I looked into a competition in my city and the Knox Classic bodybuilding show was held 15 minutes from where I lived. My first competition was in 2012 and then I competed again in 2014 in two shows. One was the knox classic where I placed 3rd in my class and the second was Kentucky Muscle in Louisville, Kentucky.

The difference in my diet off season is calories. I increase my calories slowly after contest prep but not by much. Maybe around 100-150 calorie increase. Diet that I found most effective is eating between 5-6 meals a day and keeping my macros consistent each day. I have noticed that decreasing my calories about 150-200 calories has helped me lose weight and to build muscle I needed to increase my calories about 200-300. But these numbers worked for me.

Failed diet? My only answer to the question would be mostly on a specific food type. I incorporated yogurt into my diet plan my second show and I noticed I stayed bloated and held on more weight then I did my previous show. After my last competition, I increased my calories so that I would build more muscle onto my off season. When I was ready to lose weight for the summer I cut dairy out completely (except sour cream) and I noticed a tremendous difference in losing weight.

I train 5-6 days a week. Everyday I lift and 3-4 days I do cardio or HIIT when I am trying to lose weight. When I am trying to build more size I do as little as 1-2 days of cardio or none at all during the week.

I was a dancer all throughout childhood and in high school so I was use to being on stage. Even though I still got the nerves and anxiety, the moment I am up front on stage I almost transform into someone completely different then my everyday self. I turn into this strong, high confident, model of some sort and then when I get off stage it's almost the whole thing was a blur and I don't remember it all.

Overall my experience in competing has been amazing. I have met so many wonderful people and have made great friendships. Finals were always nerve wrecking as everyone admits they want to make a placing in their division, but everyone needs to understand it is not all about the placing and that it's about the accomplishment you made as a person to getting on that stage and the journey it took to get there is the award. I have learned so much about myself through my fitness journey and become someone that I never thought possible. Whether you place or not at competition, fitness can teach you so many qualities about yourself and help you grow as a person.

This #tranformationtuesday is by far my best and proudest. 7 lb difference between both pictures. Pic on the left was a week out from my show and the pic on the right is from last night. Life of course is not about having that six pack but when you find Balance and are happy in your own skin it can be achievable. The girl on the left thought to only achieve a desired look was to shred for a bodybuilding show and now the girl on the right enjoys life, lots of food, social events, family & friends, Etc. while maintaining/achieving her fitness goals. ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind to it and stay consistent and be patient. So "cliche" but soooo TRUE. The scale is just a number. Your results are how you feel and look in your own skin. Both pictures signifies the importance of having both physical and mental health. However, the left picture shows only having physical health as my priority. The picture on the right shows mental health being my priority first and then physical health. Find your Balance!!!! ??

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I am currently working on a Ebook and will publish it on Kindle Amazon. It will be a 12 week training program to lose weight and then possibly make a Ebook about building on muscle and getting toned for women. I would love to have my own online business consulting clients about nutrition, lifestyle changes, training, supplements, etc.

E-mail: hardybodyfitness@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hardybody_fitness

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