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I started to compete when majority of my friends started complementing my physique. I have not always been in shape, I started to work out when I graduated high school and started my second semester of college. I first just wanted to eat right and be healthy. Eventually it turned into a hobby that I haven't stepped away from since. Once I developed enough muscle and got my body to an ideal stage image I set a goal for a competition in December of 2016 for the Texas Cup.

I have only done two competitions so far. The first competition I followed a basic diet. Meaning I was eating six smaller meals a day that consisted of lean meats, one cup of veggies, some carbs, egg whites, and peanut butter. This diet worked for myself since I was up every morning doing fasted cardio at 16 weeks out. My second prep I was on a IIFYM diet. This diet was a lot easier and made it seem as if I was not on prep. I stayed away from a lot of natural sugar and artificial sugar as well since I wanted to be as lean as possible. In my off season, I have truly never have done a reverse diet or anything crazy. I have always loved to eat healthy and I make sure no to over indulge in food. I respond to my body when I am hungry and don't deprive myself of food if I need it. My caloric intake this past prep started around 2,200 calories and at the end of prep I was consuming 1,500 calories a day. I was on a high carb diet for this prep and found that to work best for me.

I haven't tried many diet plans but I am well aware of all the ones that are out there. High carb diets work best for my body since this is what I have done for my last two competitions. I would say the basic diet was a lot harder for myself since I felt deprived of everything and wanted to cheat more often. Where IIFYM diet allowed me to fit in rice cakes into my diet or something small and sweet if I wanted it too.

The components that I use for training when I am on prep is very simple for myself since this is what works best for my body. I usually do three leg days a week, three upper body days, and one rest day. I incorporate thirty minutes of cardio into my workouts on upper body days. When I am on prep my cardio varies depending on the length of time I am out from my competition. HIIT days usually fall once a week if I do not wish to take a day off from the gym. I balance my training with my diet where I make sure to always have some source of carbohydrates before and after my lifting sessions. I know our muscles need glycogen and when we work out we are tearing up our muscle tissue and we need to rebuild it. So I make sure I at least eat a high carb and some source of protein after my workouts. When I am off prep I follow the same idea but I don't follow a particular meal plan off prep.

My confidence has come from being a competitive cheerleader. I used to compete in competitions with a group of girls while I was in high school. Being a competitive cheerleader was all about showing off and more importantly just having fun.

The most recent contest that I did was the Branch Warren Classic in Houston, TX. I felt very confident going into my show because I know I gave this prep my everything. Check ins went great, all the people that were there had really great vibes. I think my favorite part about check ins is the ability to meet other girls/athletes who have been working just as hard as you for the past couple of months. Pre judging is probably the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever felt. Both of my shows I got first call outs. Being on stage you can literally tell what the judges are thinking. They are not always looking at the girl doing her posing routine, but you can get an idea of which girls they like because you can read their lips while you are on stage. Finals is nothing big in comparison to pre judging. Pre judging is usually where their mind is made up as in placement, the only thing left to compete for is the overall title if you place first in your class. Basically it's just showing off to the crowd your routine and receiving your trophy.

As in future plans, I do expect to compete again in about a year or so. I have qualified twice to compete in a national show, so this will be my next move. I am not quite sure as in which show I would like to compete in nationally. I am thinking the USA's in Vegas. I have a lot to work on still as in building my physique before I step foot onto stage again. I placed second in my second show in my class, and hopefully next time it will be first in a national show.

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