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Jamie: Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I achieved my Kinesiology (Exercise Fitness Management) BS degree in 2008. From that point on I was always active. Working out on a daily basis was a must but I never felt as though I was getting anywhere. I have had issues with my weight since I was a child being teased and always struggled trying to get it off. A co-worker of mine was training with (now love of my life and fiance) Darrell Terrell. She was persistent on trying to get me to train with her and months later I finally agreed.

The first day training with Darrell was the turning point that would change my life forever. Darrell saw something in me that I never saw in myself. I always thought competing would be a dream come true but felt surly I of all people could never do that. With Darrells guidance, constant motivation and support led me to place 2nd in my very first figure competition in 2010. From there I competed in several shows for the next 2 years. It wasn’t until Darrell held a Fitness Fashion Show casting call that turned the tables for me going from a Figure competitor to now Bikini Competitor. My stage presence from years of dance lit up the room with excitement! It was that moment we knew bikini would be the best category for me.

We began switching up training and diet bringing my Figure look down to a more lean smaller appearance. In 2012 I placed 5th out 40 girls at the Branch Warren Classic. That was the last national qualifying show for the year but we knew what we could do to make myself even better for the next year. As off season began I still watched what I ate and trained my butt off. In our house there is no on or off season. This is a lifestyle. We eat clean and train hard 24/7! I began contest prep in August for the Grand Prix show that will be here November 4th. Starting around 135 lbs I am now down to 119 lbs. Training hard and eating clean in the off season as well as contest prep has brought me down to the smallest I have ever been in my life. Darrell and I are confident that we have given our best and ready to rock the stage in just a few weeks!


There really is no on or off season diet in our house. Darrell and I have chosen what we do as a life style. That’s the only way to come even better next show time is by eating clean and training hard year around. It also helps keep it from being as difficult when pre-contest starts.

I think everyone’s body is different as far as what’s considered the best diet to lose weight and build muscle. For example: I am very sensitive to carbs and gain weight easily if I eat too many whereas my fiance looks great when he eats a pretty good amount. His body just reacts differently to them than mine and I think that goes for every individual. Sometimes you have to play with your diet and see what your body responds best to. Building muscle requires a balanced healthy diet combined with protein, carbs and veggies, eating 5-6 small meals a day along with weight training and cardio to get the best results. Consistence is the key!

As far as my competition diet plans, I honestly do not recall one that failed my expectations. Darrell has always been in charge of my diet and training. He has the most knowledge and expertise of anyone I have ever known and has NEVER let me down. He knows my body and what it responds best to and that’s what he always goes by. I trust him with my life!

I don’t take to many supplements other than natural vitamins and casein powder. During contest prep my vitamins include things such as: Women’s One- a- Day Multi- Vitamin, Vit- B, C, E, Zinc etc… I take these after each meal throughout the day. My last meal is 2 scoops of Casein Power and a grapefruit right before bed. This helps with muscle recovery and has a slow acting response for muscle rebuilding.


I incorporate cardio 5-6 days/ week and weight training 4 days/ week. I usually set my alarm around 4:15 am for an hr cardio before work. I work a full 8 hr day then head to the gym for weight training with Darrell in the evening. We focus on different major muscle groups each day including plyometrics and agilities. For example: Mondays is chest and shoulders, Tuesdays- Biceps and Triceps, Wednesdays- rest, Thursdays- Back and Fridays- Legs. Saturday and Sunday I sometimes rest or try include some cardio activity.

As far as diet I make sure to eat 5-6 small meals a day every 2 ½ - 3 hrs apart. This helps maintain energy levels and keeps metabolism from dropping. Skipping meals too long allows metabolism to drop therefore eventually cause weight gain. It also helps you from being hungry throughout the day!

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