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Jamie: I’ve always enjoyed working out and at around nineteen I began to frequent my local gym a lot more; by twenty I was absolutely hooked! I attended my first bodybuilding competition as a spectator in May 2012 and immediately knew that my next goal would be to prep for a show. In May 2013, I competed at the Western Canadian Bodybuilding Championships in the Bikini division. I won my height class as well as the overall. I moved on to the provincial level then competed at the CBBF Nationals which was an amazing experience which I feel very blessed to have had (and hope to have again in the near future!).


I don’t follow any particular diet and believe that it is okay to treat yourself every once in a while. For contest prep I begin by slowly making small deductions from my daily macros. Depending on how my weight reacts, I make adjustments accordingly. I save higher carb days during in season for my heavier training. I eat 5-6 times a day due to personal preference. I have found that it helps keep me going and aids in properly fueling my body for my training later in the day.

I did a lot of research prior to competing and knew that counting my macronutrients was the way to go. I do however consume high quantities of protein in order to build muscle mass and believe that it is essential.

I`ve never been one to take weight loss supplements and due to my first show having been a tested one I would have had to cut out anything weeks or even months prior to show day. I am truly a believer that manipulating a diet is what ultimately causes weight loss. The supplements which I take on and off season are, a multivitamin, creatine monohydrate and branched chain amino acids.

I train 6 days a week. I lift heavy and do less reps. My training program increases strength and power. I am also looking to add muscle mass therefore, I have been adding to my macros on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Adding to my macros will only help when cutting for my next show due to the fact that I will not have to eat as little to achieve the leaner look I desire for the stage. In my off season I limit cardio to only two small sessions a week. When in season I increase the length and intensity according to my weight loss.


Day 1 – Lower Body
Day 2 – Upper Body
Day 3 – Cardio
Day 4 – Upper Body
Day 5 – Lower Body
Day 6 – Upper Body + Cardio

Show History:

2013 Western Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
1st place Bikini Class C
Overall Show Winner

2013 BC Provincial Championships
2nd Place Bikini Class B

2013 CBBF Nationals
9th Place Bikini Class B

Contact Info:
Email: jamiebaldo@live.ca
Facebook: Jamie Anna
Instagram: jamieannafit
Twitter: jamieannafit

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Jamie Anna

Jamie Anna