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Jade: I decided to compete because my love for training and keeping in shape was growing and growing. Dieting for holidays wasn't enough motivation for me anymore and I wanted more of a challenge with many possible rewards and learning curves. I followed people such as Amanda Latona and Michelle Lewin which introduced me to bikini fitness competitions. I decided in summer 2014 that I would do a show but felt I didn't have enough muscle or shape to do it that year. I decided to have myself a off/improvement season where I could up my calories and put on some muscle mass. In 2015 I researched some federations and found UK Ultimate Physiques which was a new federation. I decided to go for this for my first competition. I competed in the Junior category in Warrington (Northwest) and walked away winning my category, best bum and the Overall Female of the whole show. I then went to compete in the British Finals 10 weeks later and also became Junior Bikini British Champion.

Diet: Off season I tend to stick to more of higher carb, high protein, low fat as I find this is the best for building muscle. I stop doing cardio and weight train 5-6 days a week. Contest prep my coach Helen did more of a High fat, high protein, low carb diet which we found more beneficial for fat loss. I have only competed once and I wouldn't say anything 'failed my expectations'. I lost 18-21lbs throughout 6 months and managed to keep my shape, muscle mass. Never a failure, also a lesson. I train legs/Glutes 3x a week, shoulders, arms and back! I am not a cardio person, I really hate it! I will only do it on contest prep when my goal is to drop fat.

You will naturally be more confident if you like and appreciate who you are and your body. When you work your butt off 5 days a week and do a solid, clean contest prep with all the scarifies that come with it... being on stage is the time to show off everything you've done over them days, weeks and months. Posing practice is also key. I was happy with my poses and knew what I looked best doing, therefore on the day of the competition I did not have to worry about getting my posing wrong or what I may look like. I love being on stage and bringing your own individual style is important, but the most important thing is to just let yourself go and enjoy yourself and the whole experience!

Stage experience: I didn't know what to expect on the day to be honest but I was totally blown away at how smooth everything went. The girls were so lovely not bitchy in the slightest. Everyone was helping each other with hair, makeup and posing backstage and it was so lovely. The whole team who did my Tan (showtan), my makeup and all the staff/judges just made the day stress free and enjoyable. I thought I would find the T-walk the hardest part, I was worried I might forget it or got too nervous as all eyes were on me but I was wrong. Out of the 2 rounds I found the prejudging/comparisons more scary as it is the first time you go on stage and the first impression the judges have of you. However the adrenaline on the day and just being on stage, hearing friends and family screaming your name is priceless and totally worth it!

My current plan is to have an off season again for about 5-6 months, then depending on the dates I will look to compete around September time in the Junior Category again. What federation? Hmm... You will have to wait and see! Haha!

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Jade Smith
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Jade Smith

Jade Smith