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My fitness journey began in May 2015 when I visited the BodyPower Expo. I was overweight and wearing clothes size 14/16 UK size. I was embarrassed on how I looked and refused to have a photo taken with the athletes. However, I was so inspired on how the girls looked, I was determined to look like them. From then on I knuckled down, did my research on supplements, workouts and nutrition plans and began my journey

My diet regards to my meals hasnít changed much. I have increased my carbs a little and have introduced different types of vegetables. Instead of just having green vegetables like broccoli, celery and spinach. I have six meals a day. My main sources of carbohrydrates are oats, white potato, sweet potato and basmati rice. And my main protein sources are chicken, turkey, white fish and steak. Like many people I fell into a trap of the low fat diet scam. With many of my meals being extremely high in sugar without me even realizing it. Once I had began my research on nutrition I found that carb cycling has really worked for me when prepping for competition.

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I am a very shy girl in general. However, when I listen to music I become alive and confident within. I found I was able to strut my stuff on stage by getting into the zone.

I weight train 5/6 times a week and do cardio 5 times a week. When I am off season I do LISS cardio and when I am on season I do a mixture of LISS and HIIT to keep shocking my body.

Recent contest: I felt extremely nervous throughout the whole day. I was quiet and kept myself to myself in the changing rooms and kept going over and over my T-walk routine in my head. However, as soon as I placed my foot on the stage I couldnít feel any of my nerves. When I heard my number called when announcing the results, I could not believe it. It felt like my jaw had dropped to the floor I was so shocked. In those few seconds, which felt like a life time everything felt so magical and surreal.

My future plans are to compete early next year. I am aiming to compete at Miami Pro in March and then look into entering Pure Elite and PCA the month after.

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