Jacquelyn Geringer - NPC National Level Bikini Competitor

Jacquelyn: I have always been very interested in getting involved with fitness and doing competitions but never knew how to get into it. One day I saw a poster about “Stringrey Classic” which is a local bodybuilding show here on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. I checked out the poster and decided to call the promoter and see if I could still enter considering the show was one week away; I wanted to enter the bikini division. Promoter was nice enough to let me enter as a late competitor; this was back in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing so I winged it. I used a bikini that I had at home, grabbed some heels, had a girlfriend do my hair and makeup; and went on stage without a tan or training or diet. I ended up taking my class and the overall; right then and there I fell in love with the sport and decided I wanted to go to the next level.

Shortly after the “Stringrey Classic” people were asking me about competing in Las Vegas; still clueless I wasn’t sure why Las Vegas was such a big deal; come to find out it was for the NPC USA’s. I found myself a coach and competed in the 2009 NPC USA’s in Las Vegas; bikini class B. My first national show I placed 3rd in the USA’s; it was amazing!

I competed in a few more shows after that and then decided I needed a break, I wasn’t happy with my training and still didn’t fully understand what I needed to do to become an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor; so I took a break from 2011 to 2013.

Coming back in 2013 with a new coach, and a better outlook on what level of an athlete I needed to be to become an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor. I can say I truly live the life of a competitive bikini athlete; I follow a diet plan, I prep my food, I work hard in the gym and I practice posing on a weekly; all things I didn’t do prior to the year 2013.

Jacquelyn Geringer

Diet & Supplements
Protein content in my off-season is slightly lower than pre-contest. The reason for this is due to the higher training demands leading into a contest. Food choices don’t really change much between pre-contest and off season. Other than changes in protein content, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of multiple cheat meals per week, even leading into a contest. Cheat meals usually get pulled two weeks before contest from my meal plan. My prep coach doesn’t believe in cookie cutter diets; he believes in making the meal plan fit your particular body and how your body reacts with foods you take in. For instance, people tend to stir away from white rice; I have come to an understanding that my body doesn’t know the difference between brown rice or white rice; a carb is a carb.

Prior to 2013 I never had a diet plan. I ate whatever I wanted, I am talking about gummy bears (which are my favorite), Taco Bell (at least 3x as week), drank alcohol on the weekends, snaked on almonds all day, and just made sure I had some kind of protein in every meal that I ate. Having this diet is why I got my booty handed to me at the 2011 NPC USA’s; I didn’t place, this show was the first show I didn’t place and I didn’t understand why. After my showing in the 2011 USA’s I took my two year break to figure out if I even wanted to continue chasing that Pro Card. I think my list of crazy food choices explains why my diet wasn’t effective.

I take a thermal agent supplied to me by Better Bodies By Chemistry; one in the morning before my first meal and another around 3pm. I use this supplement to give me that extra burst of energy which really plays a role during the last few weeks before contest. Supplements play a huge factor in my prep and everyday life but I do want to make sure that the readers understand that supplements are there to give you that edge and extra push to complement your diet and hard work in the gym; supplements are not there to replace hard work!

I train five times a week; each day is body part specific, along with four sessions of 15 min. HIIT’s for my cardio.

Monday- Pigs and Booty (hammies and glutes)
Tuesday-Break your back Tuesday
Wednesday-Caps for days (shoulders)
Friday-Flex Friday’s (biceps, triceps)
Saturday-Massive Leg day
Sunday-Strictly Posing Sunday’s

My meals work around my training schedule. When I am on a training specific diet plan I usually consume more carbs later in the evening the day prior to a workout that is going to expend more glycogen stores. It’s more about the carbs that you consume the day before than the meal before when it comes to getting that fuel in before an intense training session.

2009 - NPC Stingrey Classic Short Class and Overall Champion
2009 - NPC USA Championships Class B 3rd Place
2010 - NPC Paradise Cup Short Class 2nd Place
2013 - NPC San Diego Classic Class B 3rd Place
2013 - NPC Jr. Nationals Class B 16th Place
2013 - NPC USA Championships Class B 10th Place

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