Jacqueline Lomax - Bikini Competitor

Jacqueline: A couple friends of mine told me years ago that I should compete. They always told me I had the body for it, but I was never really interested. Iíve been a runner for most of my life. I started running track when I was 12 years old and then ran track and cross country in high school, in college, and on a team in Germany for a few years. Although I loved it, I kept getting injured every year. It was always a leg injury, shin splints, stress fracture, runnerís knee, something every single year until eventually I had enough. After being out with my last stress fracture (in my tibia) in the summer of 2014, I decided I was done with running.

I always lifted weights a couple times a week to stay in shape and as means of injury prevention, but shortly after I stopped running I started lifting weights more often. I figured out that one of the things I loved most about running was being able to set short-term goals and then reach them. I got that same type of feeling of accomplishment with weight lifting. I loved when I was able to lift more weights than weeks prior. I especially loved seeing my body change, but it was still always just for fun. I told myself Iíd probably do a show one day, but Iíd want to make sure I had the time and money for it. After moving back to Las Vegas, I was working out, but not very often. I was happy with my body and didnít have any goals, so it was hard for me to push myself through a workout because I didnít feel it was necessary.

On May 7th, 2016 I saw my friend compete in a bikini competition in San Diego. It was such an amazing experience. After that I decided I wanted to do a show. I started researching shows and found that there was one 10 weeks out. I started training May 9th for the July 16th NPC Gifted Athletics Colorado Cup. This was just the type of goal setting I needed to push myself. I knew with my discipline and with hard work I could earn a trophy. That was my goal.

Diet and Training

Before I started training for the competition I ate pretty healthy. I followed the 80% rule, but really I probably ate healthy 90% of the time. I just did it out of habit. When I started training for the bikini competition I made sure to eat small meals with protein, carbs and veggies in every meal. I ate about the same amount every day and about half way through I started having a ďcarb loadĒ day about every two weeks or so. I did consume a lot of protein, but my body thrives off of high protein, low carb diets. I started off just eating clean and I told myself if I needed to Iíd start counting macros and calories as I got closer to the show, but it was never necessary.

I lifted weights about 5 days a week. I didnít do typical cardio, unless I ran sprints. Most of my weight lifting workouts incorporated cardio because of the high intensity of the workouts. I got my workouts from my coach and good friend, Michael Robinson, who never even saw me once in person during the competition prep. I'm a specialist in fitness nutrition so I did my own diet and of course took tips from my coach as well. For the most part, I just made sure to get some protein in my system immediately following a workout.

On Stage

Confidence: Iíve never been shy of attention. Plus, I had been receiving so many compliments on my physique and I had worked so hard that I couldnít wait to show it off.

My last competition was my first time competing. I was extremely excited about it because I had flown home (to Colorado) to do it and I knew Iíd be able to show off all my hard work in front of my family and friends. I remember at check-in and when I was getting my spray tan I kept looking at the other girls wondering what category they were competing in. I was a little nervous about competing at the bikini level because many people told me I had more muscle so should probably compete in figure instead. Although I thought Iíd be fine, that thought was still in the back of my head so it made me a little bit nervous.

When I was in the back room prepping to go on stage, I was beyond ready. It was taking so long and I just wanted to get on stage already. I had practiced my posing numerous times, I was pumped, I looked good, I felt good, I was ready to show the judges. Then I finally walked on stage and I was literally shaking! It was so unexpected. I held my smile and even the creases on my face started shaking. I had never experienced ďstage freight,Ē but I maintained my composure and still pulled off confidence. Since I entered into multiple categories, it was much easier after that initial on stage experience.

Waiting for finals was exhausting. I was starving, tired, thirsty and had no energy. I had no idea the show was an all day thing. It took so long for us to get back on stage but once we were up there I was ready. I felt great. I was nervous because I felt Iíd win at least one of my categories and would have to compete for overall. Thinking about having to be compared to the other girls and hopefully not screwing up my posing was making me nervous. I remember standing there on stage during the last comparison round. It was for the overall win for open bikini. I remember when they announced I was the winner. That moment made every bit of training worth it. It made every piece of cheesecake or chocolate I gave up worth it. It made the 5am workouts, the midnight workouts, the fasted cardio in 100 degree Las Vegas heat, the missed social events, everything I had sacrificed was worth it the moment they announced I had won overall. I knew Iíd get a trophy. That was my goal. Every time I didnít feel like working out or I wanted to quit when I still had three reps to go, I reminded myself that I wanted a trophy. I just didnít realize Iíd leave with four trophies, including the overall win! It was such an amazing feeling.

Future Goals

Now I qualified for nationals so it only makes sense to compete in nationals and go for my pro card! First Iíll be taking a break, because like with all things, I want to do it 100% and Iíll only do something if I know Iím ready because I like to go for the win!

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