Jacqueline Lomax - Bikini Competitor

2018 NPC Battle in the Desert Overall Bikini Winner

I competed in my first show two years ago (2016). I did it just for fun. My goal was to win a trophy and I ended up walking away with four! I ran track and cross-country most of my life and used weight lifting as a means of injury prevention. Once I started lifting more a lot of people began to ask me if I competed. I slowly started considering it. I went to a friendís NPC Competition in San Diego in April 2016 and loved it so much. I started researching shows that day and found one in Denver, Colorado, my hometown. It was only 10 weeks out. I had signed up and started training that following Monday! I am a very goal oriented person so once I set a goal I am determined to attain it.

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As far as my diet, I eat pretty healthy year round. I follow the 80% rule off season. During show prep I follow a much stricter diet regimen. I do still like to travel and am able to socialize, go out to dinner with friends, etc. I just know what to order when eating out and do pretty well preparing meals even while Iím on the go or traveling to other cities. I follow a high protein diet and my body does really well with carbs so I have my oatmeal every morning. I also make sure to include protein with each meal.

I havenít really tried a diet that has necessarily failed my expectations. This past show I tried cutting carbs 1.5 weeks prior to competition day and I thought I was looking really lean, even too lean, so I decided to cycle them instead. I didnít want to show up looking too hard or stringy. Iím a specialist in fitness nutrition and Iím very in tune with my body so I can easily play around with different approaches to see what works for me. Itís really fun and interesting to experiment. Itís all science.

I was confident on stage because I knew all the hard work I had put in and was ready to show it off. I had been receiving many compliments so I already knew my hard work was apparent. It helped to have an amazing posing coach, Maria Robles, who assisted in my flawless stage presentation. The first time I walked on stage for prejudging I was nervous, but I just kept telling myself to do what I had practiced. After prejudging, I got great feedback from family and friends, which was a nice confidence boost. Plus, I was able to watch a video of myself on stage so I critiqued myself and knew exactly what I had to do for finals. My issue is I get nervous and fly through my routine. I just had to slow it down, which I did. Another confidence boost was in-between prejudging and finals when I had two judges come up to me, shake my hand and tell me I looked great!

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This is my first time training myself for a show, but thatís the whole reason I decided to compete again. I wanted to see if I could train myself to win a show. Luckily I did just that! I did a lot of high rep training and lots of HIIT/circuit type training. It was all about toning and contouring. I actually didnít do much isolated cardio this last prep. I try to incorporate cardio into my lifting routine by doing HIIT. I had injured my groin about halfway through my prep so that hindered me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do. I love running sprint intervals so having to cut that out of my training plan was tough. Diet is a huge part of staying lean. Because I eat so healthy on a regular, Iím able to stay pretty lean. While prepping for the show I didnít have to cut a lot, so loads of cardio wasnít necessary for me. My favorite part of my diet is my carb load days! I donít go crazy, but I incorporate more carbs into my diet and use that energy for a killer leg workout the following day.

At the Battle in the Desert show I met so many beautiful, sweet women. Starting the evening before at athlete check-in, and even the following day. Itís really amazing to be surrounded by so many people who are passionate about the same thing. Despite everyone being hungry, depleted and dehydrated, I had a pleasant experience with every person I encountered.

Iíve been an athlete most my life. I started running track when I was 12 years old so my life has always been about competing. I ran track in high school, in college, and was even lucky enough to run competitively in Germany for three years. It was actually after I stopped running track when it felt odd. After I moved back to the States I wasnít running anymore and found myself going to the gym with no goals in mind. Being a bikini competitor allows me to set goals for myself and enjoy the euphoric feeling of conquering them.

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My next goal is the take it to the next level. Iíll be competing again at Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas and this time Iím going for my pro card!

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