Jacqueline Gomez - IFBB Bikini Pro

* A New IFBB Bikini Pro, 2017 North American Bikini Overall Winner

Jacqueline: Iíve always been intrigued by many women in the fitness industry. Having muscle on a woman was something that to me screamed strong, beautiful, independent, and confident. I wanted to look like that and feel good in the skin I was in. Approximately 4 years ago, I moved to North Carolina with my husband who had recently joined the Military. Coming from a city to the suburbs was a huge difference and found it very difficult to adjust, especially leaving my family and friends behind. So at the time I decided to workout in the gym regularly. A couple of months later I met my Prep Coach Brad Willis from Elite Pro who introduced me into the sport of bodybuilding.

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My meal program doesnít change much except for the quantity of the foods I eat. So I usually have healthy whole foods in my diet. During improvement season, my calories go up in order to for me to lift heavier and build muscle. When it comes down to contest prep, my calories slowly decrease and most of the time they are usually carb less. Your body responds different to each and every prep you do; at least mine does. At one point my body did very well on a ketosis diet and then another time it did not. Usually my body does best when I start carb cycling at the beginning of a contest prep, then ultimately removing carbs and having re feeds when needed. When I was recently on a ketosis diet for my competition prep for Team Universe, my body was having a hard time to process the fats in order to cut.

I usually train 6-7 days a week. On my improvement season I was lifting everyday of the week. While on competition prep and as I was approaching my contest, I usually take a rest day out of the week for recovery. I do cardio every day of the week twice a day to be exact. Morning and night cardio, but it only differs when Iím on contest prep. Although a nutritious diet is one the main components to achieving your fitness goals.

I was able to build a lot of self-confidence for the stage by competing frequently as well as practicing my presentation and posing for the stage. I also feel very good when I'm super lean and shredded because I can see all the hard work that I have put into my body. It gives me an extreme boost of self-confidence and it reassures me that Iím bringing my very best to the stage each and every time.

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My recent show was NPC/ IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I rolled through peak week well rested and with a positive mindset. Check ins at North Americans was well organized and I was able to check in smoothly and quickly as compared to other competitions I've had the chance to experience in the past. While lined up with my class backstage before prejudging, I gave myself a little prep. A little positive phrases to keep my nerves from rising. I know sometimes people ask "Do you still get nervous before stepping on stage?" Absolutely. The nerves and excitement all together usually always happens. I stepped on stage, presented my physique as I had practice before with my Posing Coach Kenny Wallach and made it flow like water. I was called out in the First Callouts and took center stage in Bikini Class A. So many emotions crawled up though my body when the judges kept me at center stage. Ideally that is the spot you want to get if you want to win your class. Successfully I won my class, competed for the Overall with other beautiful first place winners and took the Overall Title in Bikini Open. So proud to say that I am now a IFBB Bikini Pro!

Being an athlete doesn't affect my whole life negatively. I learned to balance out the life of an Athlete to the life of a regular person. My husband, family, and friends are extremely supportive which makes it much easier.

My future plans are to keep up my hard work and continue my journey in the professional league and ultimately reaching my goal of competing at the Olympia.

Jacqueline Gomez, IFBB Bikini Pro
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