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An update after the Arnold Classic 2016.

I had the most amazing experience at the Arnold Classic. All of the women were amazing and so supportive of each other. So many emotional butterflies and getting to perform my routine was the best feeling I had all weekend. I love being on stage, It was my dream to get top 10 and I got 5th. I am still on Cloud 9.

I got into competing after I was a Pro Cheerleader for the Colorado Rapids and having competed at Worlds with an All-Star team, and getting 2nd to Australia. One of my girlfriends Amy Schulte suggested that I compete in fitness. I jumped right in and got started. Had some amazing people help me get my Pro Card in Fitness and made my switch to Women’s Physique after a car accident with my husband Paul Abrams. Had to take some time to build just a little more muscle to my frame in certain areas to shape me into fitting this category. Now with Dylan Armbrust for 3 years being my trainer and coach we have been able to focus and work well together building and sculpting my body.

I like to eat just a bit more red meat in my diet in my off-season but try to keep it pretty clean. Adding a bit more clean carbs as well. A a very low carb diet doesn’t work for my body type. My body just needs more carbs to function and keep a fuller look.

I like to keep a balance between my cardio and weight training. Changing it up all the time to keep my body guessing. I balance my training and diet because I am on a schedule and I stick to my schedule. That’s what your body wants and needs, structure. My routine is pretty simple and I do not try to lift heavy but do enough reps for muscle fatigue. I do my cardio a couple times a day leading up to a show and have hand weights.

My family and coach really support me and help me practice all the time. I have so much support around me that it makes me feel confident in being able to succeed.

I will be in California on stage again at a Jon Lindsay show April 9th and then again on the Jeff Taylor Mile High Colorado stage June 4th.

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Jacklyn Abrams

Jacklyn Abrams