Jackie Owens - NPC Bikini Competitor

Jackie: I have always been an athlete. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. I played softball in hs, and travel ball and worked hard to play in community college and then at Seattle University. Once I graduated college I became a personal trainer at La fitness and I had hit a plateau in my personal work outs. While working out some guys came up to me and asked me if I compete and I replied no. They were men's physique competitors and told me a little bit about it and also introduced me to their coach aldone gamet. I didn't start right away but after some time I decided to give it a try.

My diet didn't change a whole lot except in the beginning I was able to eat more brown rice and bread and toward the end pretty much carb that I ate were sweet potatoes. The last week before competition is alot of veggies and chicken and tilapia but few days before back to carbohydrates to help your muscles show on stage. My meals are everyday oatmeal, and wither egg whites and or protein. In the off season more protein to help build muscle as well as hydro whey protein instead of whey protein.

Jackie Owens
Jackie Owens - before pictures and a few weeks before her first competition

I have only done one competition and the plan I followed did show me more than I expected and in my first off season I am working on getting stronger and build more muscle which includes lifting heavier and more repetitions which is working for me.

I take cla a fat burner which I noticed helped and I take it before breakfast lunch and dinner. In this off season I'm taking yohimbine for strength which has helped me grow stronger as well as a pre workout and postworkout.

Components of training include weight lifting 5-6 days a week right now I'm focusing more on hamstrings and shoulders as to that's what I fell I need to work on for my next show but 4-5 sets of repetitions of 20,18,15, 15, 12 and on lighter days 20, 15,15,12. I eat 6 meals a day and I also work two jobs so it's hard but I meal prep which helps and I think about my day to try and plan out when I can eat.

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