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We are all dream about having a nice shaped body, with bits on muscle here and there, visible abs (that’s what I was always dreaming about) and healthy lifestyle.
But some of us are struggling to lose even one pound in a month. It’s not just about making small tweaks to your schedule here and there but the way you go about your everyday life has to change. Most people finally find the motivation when they “hit rock bottom,” and can no longer go on looking or feeling the way they do.

And that’s pretty all what happened to me after being a single for a while, feeling down/ depressed, losing job and partner at the same time. I was just patient and waiting for a good moment to start again, still… I would never thought I will come on the bodybuilding stage showing off my muscles covered with shiny tan, sparkling bikini, high clear shoes, beautiful hairstyle and make up.

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In June 2016 I met my fiance Fabiano who is a bodybuilding competitor and an amazing partner. That’s when I stepped into the gym with him, full of energy, knowing that I have a knowledgeable training partner and I will train the same as I did the last few years…. Beeeep… I was wrong! He showed me what the real bodybuilding life looks like. I started training properly since summer time. My diet was most of the time the same (macronutrients counted) with one cheat meal a week. There was no more crisps, fast foods, polish meals, snacks and so on. That’s when my lifestyle has changed in 180 degrees. And I wish I could tell you there's some magic trick or well-kept secret I know about that we're not sharing, but the truth is we all achieved our results with a lot of determination, dedication, patience and drive.


I had a great coach for my very first competition in Nov’16, Rosie Heart Rascal, IFBB Pro she showed me direction through my diet, training, posing and confident in many aspects of my life, not just on the stage. While she’s preparing me for the show we are in touch nearly every day. I keep her updated about my mood, strength, giving her feedback about everything that she might need to help me achieving my goals.

Last year at my first competition I became a British Champion in figure category as well as Overall Womens champion and I was qualified for the Mr. Universe in Germany to represent United Kingdom. My fiance also won his class and Mens Overall Champion the same day, which let us to go together to compete in Germany. Three weeks after I placed 4th in Universe being on the stage with 20 very good looking ladies from all around the world and I managed to bring another trophy home. By placing top 6 I was automatically qualified to compete in Valencia Mr. Worlds for NAC this year (in May 2017). Before this show I managed to compete in 3 other shows within UK where I placed 1st at Ms Bolton show and top 6 at PCA Bodypower qualifier receiving invitation for PCA finals.

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Contes Prep

I break up my cardio and my lifting. I usually do my fasted cardio in the morning, my lifting in the evenings and some HIIT cardio after. I lift weights 5-6 times a week and do cardio every morning. My training is based on my diet, as well as being off season or preparing for competition. I change training roughly every few weeks. Off season I concentrate on gaining more muscle and as I’m stronger I lift heavier with longer breaks between. As closer to the competition my training is change to a more intense training, based on loads of reps and very short breaks between.

During off season my diet wasn’t as strict and I was not counting calories. I had a lot of carbs, cheat meals but most of all I was cooking and preparing my food. For prepping my meal plan is designed for me to lose body fat and water so I had to focus on the weighing scales (for NAC federation as I need to be on stage weighing 49kg). I ate 5-7 small meals consisting of low carbs, medium fat and high protein or low fat, medium carbs and high protein. I was consuming high amounts of and I was drinking nearly 5-6l a day with vitamin C.

On stage

I was always scared of being on stage in front of random people. While competing I had to face a hound of viewers that came to watch the athletes. As My fiance always say: you are there for them, they came and pay to watch you. So no matter how you placed you are the winner just for being on that stage. Backstage there are a lot of fans. You meet many new people that you become friends with. We help each other’s and respect each other. We all had to go through the same hard work and sacrifices to be there.

To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can't just accept the ones you like!???? There is no shortcut! It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself! ?? Thank you for the great support @hopestreetboxin team ???? @fab_giglio @mattbowd_official @luke_parry_pt @wrenagadefitness @fitbybela #abs #arms #back #body #bodybuilding #fitnessmodel #diet #determination #exercise #fitfam #bodyfitness #fitspiration #fitspo #gym #healthy #instafit #instagood #muscle #motivation #nutrition #model #thick #weights #hardwork #instagood #instafit #shredded #trainhard #polishgirl #friends #aesthetics

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Future plans

I want to be a fitness model. I would like to travel and meet other famous athletes. I’m considering also competing this year in UKBFF Wellness category. Off season I will concentrate on building my quads and glutes mainly and I will have to go easy on training my upper body as it grows really fast.

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