Ivette Landry - Physique Competitor

Ivette: I graduated in fitness and nutrition as well as kinesiology, and I used to weight lift for fun, but when I was married my husband always wanted to compete so he. Challenged me to do it and that is how this journey started in 2000.

My diet changes a bit in the off season because I add few more healthy carbs but for most of the time I will have 7 meals that are very healthy and I have two cheat meals on the weekend. I find I need to stay away from certain carbs and like to stay lean but for most people a balance diet of protein, carbs and fats is healthy. Each body is different so different things work for different people.

I think the only diet plan that fail was to do fat loading the week prior to my competition in 2011, I placed top 6 but I did not look my best. For someone who has never tried a certain type of loading prior to show, sometimes does not work properly.

I have taken two kinds of fat burners but in reality they are not good for you. I would say L-carnitine is a great supplement for weight lost and a balance diet with determination and hard work. Nothing is easy but being healthy and happy is worth staying focus and determined. I believe that true athletes are those who do the work day in and day out and never surrender to the easy part, but rather fight when challenges arrived.

My off season programs are different from in season but I have different training routines however I usually train 6 days a week, with weights and cardio. I am Not myself if I don't train. Lol.

Future plans: preparing for Canadians in 2015. Because I had some health issues from being raised in a third world country where food was an issue so I had some stomach problems and that prevented me from competing this year but this is just a challenge so it motivates me to do better.

I am very driven and my calling is to empower others to achieve success but most importantly to show them how to live a healthy life style with love for themselves and their bodies.
Currently have two jobs and one of them is at a gym, but I train online and I have a supplement store and gym and many clients online.


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