Ivana Dvorakova - Figure Competitor

It's 2 years already, when I was in the gym with my colleague from work and we hired the trainer. He told me that I was perfect for bodyfitness and I should try to prepare for contest. So I did.

The diet changes very drastically. From lot to nothing (not that fast but in almost 4 weeks it's really nothing). During the off season I eat around 100gr of fat a day, but I'm careful about carbs. Once a week I eat some unhealthy food. Unfortunately on me works only "to eat almost nothing" no fat no carbs, trainings. It's sad, but it's the only way works for me.

Really ineffective is to cut the input too fast. To slowly cut it during all the 4 months is more effective.

Self-confidence: It comes from my aerobic history. I used to compete as a single woman in aerobic. Here I have learned a lot, especially not be shy on the stage and enjoy the competition as a golden treasure after long preparation.

Training: If we are talking about preparation (4 months till contest), all comes from my trainer. She tells me how much to train and how often. Now I have for example 9 weeks to go and I train 40min cardio in the morning, in the afternoon heavy weight training and 40min cardio after. I walk to the hill or train on stairs.

I had nice experience from one of our home contest where I finished 2nd. It was awesome moment because the water compensation was very successful and the final physique was awesome. During the contest, there was a nomination on the world championship 2016 and I got it. It was the first positive moment, then prejudging was nice, backstage was full of positive energy, girls were talking like "on the coffee" and not like before stage. Such a relaxed moment. Than on the stage I was in the first callout and announced as 2nd number, again amazing. At that moment I knew, that the physique is great and I started to believe in myself 100% more and I was enjoying the posing from that moment like never before. The finals was very calm also, and I believed in me and I prayed for medal. And it worked and the silver "was home". And the best of the best when I step from the stage I run to my bag for the protein bar. The first bite is like having a Christmas. Then dinner-sushi with my friend. There should be more days like this one.

The plan is Czech national Championship and then European Champ. All is about how the diet will work and the physique I can reach.

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