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I was an athlete all my life. My passion was soccer. I played competitively for 9 years and had a full ride scholarship in college. During one of our games, I tore my ace and had to call it quits with soccer. A few months went by and I was feeling frisky. I was hungry for competition. I was sad I could not be the pro soccer player I had always dreamed of like Mia Hamm, but I was still bound determined to conquer some type of sport. One day, while I was walking around and riding rides on my day off at Universal Studios, I saw a petite woman who looked like a bodybuilder. I never was a fan of bodybuilding.

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I thought it was silly for people to go on stage in underwear or as we all now know them as posing suits. They would be oiled up and stage and flexing. My grandmother ever since I was a child always told me I should be an American Gladiator, and kick peoples buts. Then she tried to get me into WWE and become a wrestler. I was not keen on it. I had no interest. When I had seen this female bodybuilder in the flesh something grabbed my attention. The first thing I saw was these giant softball size biceps and then she had all these people around her. So I had to go over and give her a compliment. I felt compelled to tell her something. I went up to her and told her she had nice arms.

Then she says to me “you have potential”. I looked at her and made a silly expression on my face. She was dead serious about the comment. She handed me her card and I just took it and put it in my drawer with all my other stuff that never gets seen again. Months went by and I was in the process of moving. Well I just so happened to come across her card. I looked at it a few times and thought to myself “what do I have to lose”. There is a motto I have always lived by. It is “live life to the fullest and try everything once in your life”. This was one of those things. So I picked up the phone gave her a call and the rest is history

Contest prep

Some people use the offseason as a way to explore and experiment to see what types of food work best for their body. Others will take the offseason and eat more “freely” meaning they won’t feel so guilty having a “treat” meal on the weekend. I use the offseason as a tool to better my body. In doing so I like to eat the same as I would in the precontest. The only difference is my serving amounts are a lot more. So I will eat 12 egg whites and 2 cups of rice vs in the pre contest eating 6 egg whites and only 1/2 a cup of rice. Sounds fun doesn't it haha. I also get to enjoy a treat meal on weekends.
Failed diets: I would not say failed because each pre contest plan is a learning experience. You grow from each experience and you do better the next time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Isabelle Turell

My training program changes all the time. Theres never a dull moment. I believe if you train hard enough you don't have to kill yourself doing lots of cardio. I train very intense and I only do 20 mins of cardio a few times a week.

On stage

From day one, I never build the confidence. I just went and did it. I just went out there in my itty bitty suit, smiled and hit poses. I am a go getter and I just go do it without hesitation as I don't want to miss an opportunity. I would advise anyone who may have a little stage fright to build up confidence by posing everyday in the mirror and without. Get a small group of friends to serve as an audience and pose for them. This is a great way to warm up for your big day.

Everyone of the athletes on that stage has a story. A journey that they went through and conquered. Every one of those athletes on that stage in my eyes is a champion because they made it all the way to the finish line. Some give up when they are so close to contest and never set a foot on a stage. I remember when I competed at a National level show in Panama City, FL, there was this lady in a USA flag style posing suit. She stuck to me because she was smiling ear to ear. I will never forget her enthusiasm just being there at that show. It inspired me. Other people I looked at around me competing that day had a lot of sour expressions on their face. They were tired, hungry, carb depleted, and looked miserable. Then there was her. As soon as she entered the room her energy was on fire. She was a walking ray of sunshine. When she was on stage she was very into her posing and entertaining the judges. She was just so full of life. I will never forget it. A positive attitude in bodybuilding can go a long way. I learned that through the journey of blood, sweat, and tears to get to the contest stage, it was meant to be enjoyed. That our day to shine and show the judges our hard work was meant to be enjoyed. We were going to entertain and woo the crowd with our chiseled muscles, and show them what we are made of.

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I live life to the fullest, and believe you got to try everything once in your life. Bodybuilding can be a full time job as it is a very demanding and selfish sport. Selfish in the sense that you are devoting a lot of your time to creating a work of art. Time is invested in preparing meals, training, doing cardio, eating meals, posing, tanning etc. In general I'm a competitive person and determined when I pursue something. As an athlete, I grab life by the horns and conquer it more aggressively. I like to have a routine and map things out so I am well prepared for anything that comes at me in life. But overall even though I am an athlete on a mission, I still make time to enjoy life and think with an open mind.

Future plans: Compete in 2018 and bring a more interesting package into play for the stage.


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