Irina Nagevica - Bikini Competitor

Irina: My name is Irina. Never was interested in fitness before. Finished university and got two diplomas as a teacher. At school usually missed sport lessons. After two pregnancies I didn't look and felt good, didn't follow correct nutrition, and was unhappy and grumpy. Life moved me to UK where I started work without any knowledge of English. Wasn't happy in marriage - was fat and big angry lady, after separating made decision to change my life changing nutrition. Suddenly I met my second half-who asked if I am going to the gym. Answer was positive even in reality I hated it. So next day I joined the gym only because I wanted to be honest to my boyfriend and been training 2-3 hours daily 5-6 times a week doing silly cardio. Gym instructors introduced me to PTs and showed me few exercises.

I enjoyed resistance training and been training on my own. After made decision to have PT. First experiences weren't good-I had 6 of them and none been really tough enough with me. After long time I had an offer from owner of the gym to have PT sessions with him. It was last hope of personal training. After 30 min he literally killed me and I became excited about personal training. Had course of sessions and absolutely loved it.

After changing the gym started training on my own and realized first results. Started giving tips for people on the gym floor and realized-I lost 25 kg in 2 years time! I changed my life style, nutritional habits, became more independent and strong. All this made me go further-I finished personal training academy and started career as PT. Realizing 6 pack instead of fat started thinking about contest. Colleagues supported me and first in my life I went on the stage-confident, proud and independent-having two beautiful children I still made my body looking good. With children's, colleagues and partners support I got two trophies - came 4th in two categories-which were absolutely brilliant!!! Still it wasn't enough - I completed two more qualifications and became Professional in exercise referral and professional in exercise and nutritional interventions for obesity and diabetes.

I am always eating clean. The difference is I can be naughty and have two scoops of ice cream OR slice of cheesecake once a week. During contest I don't eat any sugar=fruit, tomatoes and cucumbers, I don't have nuts.

My diet is lean meat, chicken breast, oats, lean steak, RAW broccoli, RAW green vegetable-no lettuce I hate it, olive oil, sweet potatoes, brown rice, couscous. Off season can have drop of honey on my ryvita or a little bit of jam literally 4-5 drops. Water 3-4 l a day, no coffee, no black tea - I drink only green tea and herbal teas. Dandelion and nettle tea are perfect to clean the body from inside.

Tried no carb diet - failed. Felt fatigue and shaky in the mornings. I am too energetic personality and need energy taken from sweet potato or fruit/honey. Tried fat burners for two weeks during pre-contest - horrible thing, prefer stay natural with no artificial stuff inside my body.

Quickest weight loss supplement is my special cardio - only me and my clients know it's secret.

Supplements I am taking are zinc, selenium, vitamin c, omega 3-6-7-9, q10, guarana 1200 mg and complex if calcium and magnesium during winter season.

My training program is hard, heavy resistance training in addition with heavy cardio. Normally I am training 5-9 times a week (often twice-three times a day). My all colleagues call my Hard Core, Iron Lady and my clients calling me Fitler or Chineese Torture, Killer-well, I am killing the fat - love what I do!

My training is 40%, nutrition 60%. All together help me to stay positive and healthy. I would suggest to all the people - please, jump into my world - it's much better than eating bad things and staying inactive. Eating right food, training hard you build up your own life, smashing old habits. It's EXTREMELY important to respect yourself and be proud of your own achievements.

At the moment getting ready for my next contest in November WBFF and starting another level4 Lower Back Pain qualification. I changed my life only because I had brilliant kids and fantastic partner, who showed me the top of ambitions I wanted to get to! I will never stop-this magic world is around me and my clients - all of them getting results in a quick period of time and this brings my professionalism on higher level keeping me unbelievable proud and happy! Never say 'maybe', always move your ambitions two levels higher -so many exciting situations and people you will meet while getting on the top of the mountains! Always think positively and never say 'no' to your inner voice - open your mind and let it fly towards your aim! - we will get there together!!

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Irina Nagevica

Irina Nagevica