Iramis Portero - Physique Competitor

Iramis: I started to compete in 2012 as a figure girl. I participated in four competitions where I won third place each time around. Then, I crossed over to physique. I have done four competitions as of today. On the first contest I won second place. On the second one I won my class and overall. On the third contest I made it to Nationals and won third place. The last competition was on May, 24. I went to Junior USA to qualify for my pro-card. I placed No 13 out of 30 women.

Diet Offseason compared to pre-contest: My offseason diet does not quite differ from the pre-contest diet. I try to keep myself lean all the time. Diet only truly changes when I carb-up right before the competition. My diet consists of fish to lean up, and chicken to bulk up for a total of 125 grams of calories of protein. On the Offseason I take 180 gm. of carbs which come from baked potatoes and dry oatmeal (my secret weapon). When I compete I increase carbs up to 220 grams depending on how I see my body. I boil both the fish and the chicken. The measurements for each meal vary between 3 oz. to 6 oz. of protein, 3 oz. to 6 oz. of baked potato, and 4 oz. of oatmeal. I combine oatmeal with amino acids powder and glutamine and I consume the mix dry.

On the last competition Junior USA I did a carb depletion for a whole day and it failed. I was not full enough to compete. It took me two days to carb-up. I learned that about my body.

Supplements - I take any fat burner 30 before I do my cardio on an empty stomach.

I train every day for 1 hr., since 6:00AM working on a different muscle each time. For example: 1hr biceps, 1hr pull ups and traps. I also do a 45 cardio in the morning and 1 hr. running at night time in competition season. I eat every three hours for a total of 5-6 meals a day.

Future Plans: Miss Olympia.

My contact details are:
Facebook as Iramis Portero
Cell: 786-704-4426

Iramis Portero

Iramis Portero