Inga Romanoff - WBFF Pro Athlete and Bikini Model

Inga: Fitness has been both a passion and a personal journey. Initially, I became serious about fitness because of a personal injury. Over time, with help from my coaches, inspiration and support from my friends, I lost over 50lbs, transformed my body, started competing and won a Pro athlete title. My philosophy is based on consistency and a thoughtful, balanced approach which is customized and has long-lasting results. There is no one diet that works for all. There is no one diet that will work for one person all the time, either.

My diet is similar even off-season except I have a slightly larger portion, more cheat meals – basically, more nutrition. A thoughtful off-season approach is what helps you win when you get to competition because this is the only time you can build muscle. Pre-contest is a bit more of an experiment, I reduce calories and modify the diet to speed up metabolism. Sometimes I deplete or add certain macros to see how my body reacts. I take my time - I calculate the amount of weight I would like to shed and factor in the number of weeks to maintain healthy weight loss. For example, it takes about 500 daily calorie deficit to lose 1-2lbs a week. If I am coming in heavier than I calculated, I may “crank up” my cardio but that is not my preferred method.

Diet is very personal and depends on where your body is in the journey. Chasing standard contest prep diet rarely works. For me in general, depleting fats had the most negative consequences. Female body loves fats; severe lack of those leads to some health imbalances and also makes it very harder to get leveled again in the off-season.

My favourite supplements to aide contest prep are: BCAAs, CLA, L-Carnitine, and NO (Nitric Oxide). Basically, anything that helps promote lean muscle mass & recovery or supplements that maximize your workout. The cleaner, the more natural and pure, the better. For example, I also use black coffee to speed up my heartbeat during workout.

If you take something out of your body (like a rigorous workout), you have to put it back (add nutrition to support it). Both training and diet are equally important. You may have an outstanding workout but if there is no nutrition to support it, you will jeopardize your recovery and won’t grow. In short, I align the program and nutrition plan to a single goal. Our body changes every day and if you are training properly, you get stronger, so I change up my program about every 6-8 weeks to continue to challenge and improve my body. I am obsessed with symmetry and build a program that addresses all body parts in one week and if I find an imbalance of sorts or want to change the proportion, I will add more focus to that area.

Future plans: A lot of exciting things are happening. One of the things I am most excited about is launching the next version of my website It has been a lot of fun working with the designer: bringing my vision to life and creating the visual experience. There is so much I want to share with my fans! Taking my website to the next level gives me a platform to interact with my fans beyond just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The new site will be launching in the next couple of weeks – please stop by and check it out!!
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