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In 2009, my best friend asked if I would compete with her in a local figure competition. I was hesitate at first because I love food, yet, I wanted to try it because I love weight lifting. Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant and I could not compete. My friend and I started training for our first show together after my daughter was born. I competed in my first show in 2011 as a bikini competitor when my daughter was 1 year old.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: I try to slowly introduce calories back in by keeping a modified meal plan of my contest plan. While having a cheat meal or two during the week. And as I said before, I love food, so I do enjoy my holiday meals. High fats help me cut weight in my legs extremely well. To build muscle, I found high protein works well for me, I divide 2000+ calories over 7-8 meals a day.
Failed diet: I have tried being on a low carb diet without the replacing them with high amounts of fats and I do not like it. My calories and my energy source falls too low. I suffer from migraines, which requires me to eat on time and eat the right types of foods. Having the right amount of fat or carbohydrates helps with my migraines as well. Another reason why it is not as effective, that plan prevents me from having frequent bowel movements, which is not good for your overall health. I also tried keeping carbs higher than fats, but my legs refused to drop fat with that form of diet.

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Training: I lift heavy during the off season with a higher calorie diet. I put on some weight which also allows me to lift heavier weight. During this time, I lay off of cardio because my body adapts very easily and will not respond to it. So, if I chose to do cardio during off-season, my body would plateau and I am forced to discontinue cardio for a few weeks and start over. This would normally be the time I need to increase my cardio and add HIIT. HIIT is what helps me get my legs ready, I use spin class a few times a week as a great HIIT source.

I start about 5 months out, slowly removing the carbs and increasing the fats as I get closer to my show. This allows me to build as well as cut down for show and not drop too early, too fast.

Building self-confidence: To be honest, weeks leading up to the show, I go through the doubting stage, feeling that I will not be ready. I worry about my legs leaning out and being able to bring that better package to the stage. By mid-peak week, the fear is gone and my confidence is high. I always have the confidence going on the stage, the problem is keeping it after being judged on your physique. While on stage, if you experience being moved to the end of the stage, placed in second call out, hyperventilating, fumbling, cramping, nervousness, or whatever, it will change your confidence in a matter of seconds. The goal is to truly believe that no matter what happens that day, you are still a winner.

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Last fall, I attended my first pro show. I was excited but nervous as well. One of my best friends attended the Yuton Cup the year before and I saw the competition she was up against. The competition in women’s physique was competitive and she did not place. I knew going into this competition, I was up against the same competitors she competed against the year prior. I admire my friend, those ladies and their physiques; I felt that they were untouchable. I said to myself, “I am not ready.” I was put at ease when a few of my mentors and my friends said I look better than I ever did before. I felt I was going to do well and I did. I did better than I expected, I placed 2nd against the champion from the year prior. I was happy, grateful, and surprised at how well I had done in my first Pro show. I cried tears of joy knowing that I had achieved a personal goal and it was done under tremendous amounts of stress. I know now that I will do well in my bodybuilding career and I have nothing to fear but myself.

My future plans are to obtain sponsorship for myself, it can be very expensive to compete and I need all the help I can get. I would like to do some modeling and compete in the fitness model category. Fitness model is the only female bodybuilding category I have not competed in. I started Fit My Life Fitness and it was created to help others achieve their fitness goals regardless how busy they are. My motto is “Make fitness a part of your life, I did it, so can you.” I want to show others how to make fitness work for them and their busy lifestyles.

My website is and I can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To contact me, I can be reached at 618-420-9890 or as well as my web and social media sites.

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