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Ida: Like a little kid when you see something in a magazine, you get either curious or hooked on it. I have read and subscribed to many fitness magazines like SELF and Oxygen but there weren't any magazines for women, like Fitness RX. Timing couldn't have been any better because it was towards Olympia timeframe and competitors were in training so appropriately there were coverage on IFBB Figure Pros like Ms. Olympia Nicole Wilkins and Erin Stern. Their physiques were exactly what I have been looking to aspire to becoming. I knew with my athletic background playing volleyball, basketball, and track and field, this would be a new arena for me to take my body to the next level.

Offseason I get a good caloric intake, 1900+. My coaches believe in getting the best natural bodybuilding physique through nutrition. I have learned so much about nutritional values and types of foods and meals to eat to make my offseason still within my meal plan but not the same ole' same ole. Depending on what my goal is going into pre-contest, maybe an increase in protein and little cut back on fats/carbs, but stayed at 1700-1800 caloric intake.
Most effective diet: The diet that is tailored to ME. I say this because I seeked my meal plan from a professional. Generally speaking, a high protein diet is most effective for me so I am able to maintain my lean mass while still lowering my bodyfat percentage.

NPC Physique Competitor Ida Litteral Evening Show Routine

I have been with my coaches since day 1 and their meal plans and tweeks have been effective for me and me alone. I believe that you have to allow your body to go through the plan provided and allow for you and your coaches to know about your body's biology as much as possible. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE PLAN TO MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION IF THE PLAN FAILED OR WAS SUCCESSFUL! Many people give up and feel it is easier to just blame the system when in fact they never followed the plan (that they paid for and decided on their own to follow).

This doesn't mean there aren't plans out there that completely destroy your metabolic state, but with so many factors with allergies, gluten issues, etc., I would hate to be a nutrionist today! If there is one thing I have learned and have found to be crazy is that many people I know have come to me asking for my meal plan! That is the wrong thing for any one to do. Again, my meal plan was tailored to my body assessment and based on allergies, etc. People need to realize that you need to seek out your own plan based on your current body assessment.

Supplements: I like Nutrex Lipo 6 Fat Burner. I find this more effective during contest prep.

Training: I do a push/pull training method and plus with having 4 kids, full time job, and most importantly, a husband...I work out 3 times a week. During my offseason, I probably do 2-3 days of cardio. During contest prep, depending on where my body is responding/coming in at, I like to keep my cardio at 3-4 times a week if at all possible. I would normally do 30-45 minutes of hills or sprints. My coaches have provided me a schedule for my pre and post workout meals.

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