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Initially, I started competing so that I would have a goal to lose some post-baby weight and get back in shape. I came across an old friend of mine who had posted her competition photos in the bikini category at the ABBA muscle beach online and thought it was so glamorous! My auntie, Christine Lanois, is a Canadian figure pro athlete so I had grown up seeing her stage photos around, but figure never really fit with how I wanted my physique to become.

My very first competition was at the ABBA Northerns in Edmonton, AB in Bikini and although I placed literally last, I made it to stage. That feeling of accomplishment was so empowering I felt compelled and excited to do another.

Pre-contest my carbs are usually cut substantially compared to my offseason. Offseason is higher carbs and contest prep is usually higher fats with of course a high amount of protein for both on and off. The most effective diet I have found to lose weight has been ensuring that I am eating whole foods. My body does not handle processed foods well and is so sensitive to them that the more I keep them completely out of my diet, the easier it is to prep. When I want to build muscle I up my complex carbs and when I want to cut I up my healthy fats. When it comes to competition diets the starvation method just doesn’t work. You need to make sure you have a good offseason before prep so that you can cut your calories without damaging your hormones further than you need to. Otherwise, you end up with sagging skin and depleted muscles, not to mention your emotional stability is less than reasonable.

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Some backstage posing practice before getting sidestaged and my personal #mondaymotivation to have a successful off season - hello reverse diet day 1! . Remember to take care of yourselves post show. During a reverse if you’re not careful you can gain 20 lbs within a very short amount of time losing all those gains you’ve made. Some say it’s the hardest part and I would have to agree! #teammutant @team__mutant @mutantnation @fullforcefitnesscanada #yegfit #yycfit #bikinigirls #posing #natual #athlete @npaasport @backstage.cosmetics.team @bombshell.productions #canadachampionships #fitmoms #32 #transformation

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For me establishing my self-confidence was a matter of practicing my posing in front of others and changing my perspective. It still waivers from time to time but immersion therapy is best – hit that stage and know that you’ve earned that spot to be there. The countless hours of cardio, tears, questioning your own resolve and will to continue your prep; it all comes down to one day. When you push past those personal barriers the thrill of competition day is literally the icing on the donut.

This offseason I am focusing mainly on building out my glutes substantially and ensuring that my conditioning stays in check. This means that on average 3 days a week I am doing a higher set volume with as much weight as possible for low reps, alternating with fasted and intense intervals on the step mill. Another important facet to my training is focusing on a few full rest days where I am ensuring my sleep is adequate. Posing practice will also take up a lot of my off season time as I tend to rush through my posing routine on stage.

Nutrition goes hand and hand with training. I make sure I am getting in 7-8 small meals a day which means I am eating every few hours in an effort to keep my metabolism as high as possible. My coach, Dustin Cosman from Full Force Fitness, has completely changed my physique this past season and we hope to bring the best package yet in 2019.

Recent show: The NPAA Canada Championships was held in Calgary on November 3, where I had to make it from work in Fort Saskatchewan 3 hours away the day before to be able to compete. It was a little confusing finding the athletes meeting location but once I got there the organizers and presidents of the organization were positive and made sure to go over posing requirements with everyone. It was a smaller show, but every step was well organized complete with specific time slots for each category to be on stage. Backstage we were allowed to have a helper with us thankfully, but no tanning was allowed. We were side staged with plenty of time to settle in before individual I walks and comparison rounds for prejudging. One of my favourites about the NPAA is that it is so athlete focused and they made sure to give each athlete the time for a small thank you and plenty of time on stage to showcase their physique the best they could.
During finals, I nearly missed the call to be side staged again because I went back to the host hotel for a nap – lesson: do not leave backstage after prejudging! Our class was again introduced, the top 5 called, and the rest of us escorted off the stage while they did their photos and awards.

Being an athlete affects many aspects of your life. It definitely takes away time from friendships and relationships with your spouse and children. For me, the payoff is that I have the ability to inspire other women specifically moms, to take care of their bodies. I have this amazing platform to talk about health and fitness in general which has cascaded into affecting the way my family sees nutrition and created an open dialogue with my children that taking care of your health is important and easy when you have the right tools and knowledge.

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She needed a warrior. So she became one. Photo: @dmcimagesyeg (so talented ladies - make sure you book a session!!) #yycfit #yegfit #fitnessmodel #model #local #athlete #bodybuilding #bikinigirls #bikiniathlete #teammutant #mutantbabes #fitness #girlswithmuscle #berelentless #warrior #nolimits

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Competing has also affected my career in that the confidence I earned on stage was transferred to the confidence I have in the office. This has led to not only opportunity in my day job as an Assistant Controller but has opened the way for an affiliation opportunity with Mutant Supplements Canada. I can confidently say that I am not the same person I am today that I was before I started competing and I am so thankful for every moment and opportunity it has given me.

After a few months of offseason, I plan to prep again for the 2019 CPA TNT Showdown on June 22 with potentially more show dates in the fall.

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