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In 2015 I started to train my body cause I had problems with my back and weight. I took a personal trainer and he saw everyday my body changes and proposed me to compete in national level cause I have a good genetic and brilliant muscle mass, power, discipline and perfect skin! Meanwhile I lost fat and build muscle. My started weight was: 52 kg, and I build muscle and I went to 56 kg without fat! Now I'm 62 kg! In just 1 year.

My diet changed gradually not immediately cause the human must understand it and cover it that you're going to change your routine. If you're going to change the diet from today to tomorrow than a lot of people will not achieve what they want and it will be like a stress and it became depressive! It will be like love the food and sport not hating and never trying again! I changed it step by step with a lot of patient!

For losing weight there are tons of diets but I'll recommend just some points:
People, you have to eat less calorie that you burn if you want to lose weight and eat more protein foods and healthy food if you want to build muscle! Sleep well, don't consume alcohol or drugs or smoke! Take minerals and vitamins from food, eat regularly, go to gym and you'll see the result will come!
I heard a lot of people asking me about.
Well, eat clean! 5 meals or 6 but with low calories cause you're not burning all calories you are eating!
Now which are the foods that have low calories healthy fat and protein? Rice, fish, red potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, chicken filet means white meat, red meat without fat, oats, Yoghurt with 0 fat, almond milk, all vegetables and fruits, almonds, peanut butter, avocado, mango, banana. It's up to your body how much and when! Every human body is different! You can't even give how much cause it depends in each human body!

Failed diet: I didn't respect the value of each food in every meal, so I didn't measure for example the rice or the chicken filets! So in this sport you have to be very strict and respect it 24 in 24 hours everything! I ate less than my coach expected!

If you eat less than you must, the body isn't composing the muscle building that you're waiting for and also you're in the stage small sized than others. Your muscles are not so pumped and big! It is a very difficult but not possible component. Food and training must be perfectly coordinated!

I tried in gym at home and with self videos to pose myself and it's not easy! Self-confidence is a process that you have to build it with time! I was told by myself or in front of mirrors thousands of times that "I can" but believe me is not easy especially the first time in stage. Also you need to be motivated from other people that love you and follow you and find you as their motivation! Those people like your gym clients helped me a lot and pushed me to build my self-confidence!

Components of my training of course HIIT one of the most successful programs that help you burn fat and build muscle in same time, core training, and lifting smart and correctly not heavy! This is my key! A lot of people staying for hours long in gyms! Why??? You have to train smart not heavy or long!

Well training in bulking phase is: lifting small sets from high to low reps and heavy weights from low to high and rests during sets more than 1 minute and eating more calories than you burn. No cardio, no HIIT, no core training. Not every day training.
In cutting phase: cardio, HIIT, core training, from low to high reps not heavy weights, weights stay same and doing super sets without rest. Everyday training except Sunday and eating controlled with low to very low calories than you burn!

In my Balkan competition the experience is indescribable cause it is very hard and I was for the first time representing my country! I'm very fresh in this sport and it is super difficult but also beautiful. I had big emotions in every moment and I trembled. I do not want to believe that I received the 5th place but everything I did with my passion and love.

I'm preparing very seriously and I train together with the IFBB bodybuilder Balkan champion for this year, Mr. Marsel Vangjeli. We are Keops Team together with 2 other fitness guys also champs in national level in fitness classification.
Marsel Vangjeli, the champ of this year is my personal trainer and we do train together to prepare us for IFBB European competition 2017 also Balkan 2017 and national competition next year and why not in Olympia Amateur competition 2017!
Also I have a lot of clients that I train and help in diet plans, train plans etc.

My contacts:
IG @holtapilz
E-Mail: holta.lami@gmail.com
Tel. 00355/696577054

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