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Holly: I got involved in training after having three back surgeries. During and after that time, I felt weak, unhealthy and not in control. My doctors ensured me that I would have a full recovery, however, starting a weight training program was not in my near future. Well, you know what they say, never say never.

After completely recovering, I started doing non back weight bearing movements. I noticed that my body loved the feel of the pump that my muscles received during the training. I was hooked from that point on. Two years later, I was squatting 225 for reps. This may not be mega weight for many people, but coming from where I came from, it was a huge accomplishment. The gym made me feel strong and empowered. It became another home, another stress reliever.

I try to eat somewhat clean year round. But, I donít restrict calories during holidays and other relaxing times with family and friends. Balance is the key to happiness and success. For contest purposes, I like carb cycling and finishing up with a keto style diet, if needed. I havenít been competing long enough to experience diets that have failed. Plus, being a creature of habit, I wouldnít change something that works.

Iím a fan of Beverly International supplements, such as UMP (protein), Lean Out, Creatine Select, Glutamine Select, Fit Tabs, and ZMA 2000. Every now and then, I will also throw in some DIM (from a different company).

I like B.I. because the company stands behind their products. If I have a question or feel something isnít doing what it's suppose to be doing, I need only email them for a quick response and explanation. As you can see, my supplementation is based on recovery. This allows me to go hard in the gym, knowing that I have the tools to aid me in recovery.

I train four days a week during the off season and six during contest season. I train each body part once a week. I believe in an instinctive training style. I like to keep the body guessing. My workouts change weekly, and although Iíve tried some of the more popular training programs like, DC Training and FST-7, I always return to an instinctive training style. You can use this method with any training program. For cardio, I enjoy using the stepper or treadmill.

My last show was the Virginia Grand Prix. Iím please to say it was run very professionally and well organized. It was everything you would expect from a NPC show. Shows are long and taxing in nature, so when a show is operated professionally, itís a blessing.

I attend a lot of shows, from local shows, to the Arnold and even the Mr. and Ms. Olympia. Iíve met some extremely nice female athletes. I love being around some of the most beautiful and strongest (mind, body and spirit) women in the world, who some would think would be stand offish, but its just the opposite. It makes you proud to be apart of the sport.

I hope to return to the stage in 2015. I chose to sit out the last couple of yours to pursue starting a business. As a result, Iíve been extremely busy. I became a spray tan tech, I entered and am currently in massage therapy school and I assist my husband with our personal training business at MackaBella Fitness. Our mission is to help other people reach their goals. This year, I will be back stage at the Jr USA Championships training under Sun Rayz Tanning.

Being back stage at the Nationals this year is just another chapter in my story. I feel I have one of the most important components for success. Whether it's in business or in life, you must have a vision. You have to envision yourself growing, improving, succeeding and surpassing your goals. That's easy for me because of my faith and motto. Philippians 4:13, tells me that, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. So, I approach everything accordingly. Every workout, I set out to accomplish a small goal. Whether it be decreasing my training time, increasing my poundages, or accomplishing one extra rep, I strive to always improve myself. And if I fail, it turns into a learning and teaching opportunity. It allows me to always remain positive through the ups and especially the downs.

I thank God, my husband, family, friends and inspiring women, like IFPA Pro Tracey Petrin and IFBB Pros Karina Nasamento and Tammy Patnode for always encouraging me. Everyone needs a strong support system and I'm blessed to have one of the strongest.

Remember, being able to visualize your goals is very important. But to be willing to fail in pursuit of that goal, is more important. Because once youíre willing to fail, you are destined to succeed.

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Holly McPherson

Holly McPherson