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Hi I am Hendryette Marais a 36 yr old mother of 1 daughter.

I started my journey in 2012: I was the scrawny 54kg women with skinny legs. I wanted to put on muscle so I headed for the gym. I then didn’t have an idea of what it would take to get to stage never mind thinking I would ever set foot on stage. At that time I was living in a small town called Kriel. We had an old school hardcore gym. I knew I was destined for those weights when I first walked in. love at first sight lol.

I took on the weights, naturally starting small. I didn’t have a personal trainer or guidance at that time. I was purely running on programmes and diets from Bodybuilding.com and Jamie Eason’s 9 week plan. At that time Jamie Eason was my inspiration but as the year progressed I decided that I need more muscle, so then I was looking at Jessie Hilgenberg’s programmes and advice.

We moved to Middelburg in 2013 due to me working in Witbank. Time was also not in my favour. I got up at 03:00 in the morning to get ready and travel to Witbank Planet fitness mega club (current gym) to train, where after a shower I will go to my day job at the Mine as Personal Assistant to the Mine Manager, where my time used from 07:15 – 16:15. I would leave the office and head of to my horses as they also needed training. I would get back home at 20:30 in the evenings where I would prep my meals for the following day. I tried doing that for 9 months which was exhausting and I couldn’t cope anymore. Therefore the move.

It was due to one of my best friends now, that I took on the stage in 2014. She approached me as a stranger in the mall. She asked me if I compete and I replied no, she then told me that I was her inspiration for going on stage for the first time that following weekend. She looked at me while training and decided she wants to go there. As we spoke she then mentioned her trainer at that time Shane Koeberg, I then decided if I can inspire people why not take on the stage as well, I contacted Shane and he agreed to help me. What a difference”!!! the training, the dieting, the form, everything changed, I then realized what dedication is needed for this sport.

I took on the IFBB Novice show and stood in the body fitness line up. I placed 1st, I was then advised to go to the next level which is physique/figure as I am already there. I just needed to get harder, leaner. I decided to take on the H&H in Pretoria where I placed 3rd in the physique line up. I then returned to our Provincials where I placed 1st in physique. I was hooked. I loved the transformation my body made and with each prep I could see improvement. I loved it.

Stepping on that stage being a shy person, I never get into short never mind a bikini, was scary, I was reluctant to go. But once on stage I loved it. You are so focused on your moves not to screw it up lol, that you don’t even see the audience. You barely see the judges. The lighting on stage is bright and hot. You are showing off your hard work, those people in the audience think you look amazing. So use it.

I took on the Rossi Grand Prix in 2015 where I placed 2nd in the figure line up. I realized I needed to work harder. My fiance at that time was busy prepping for his chance at getting his pro-card in bodybuilding. I then realized it was more important for him the get to his goal than it would be for me. I decided to withdraw prepping for any other competitions during 2015 as I would take on the stage in 2016 again. 3 weeks before he had to step on stage, I lost him, he passed away due to an emergency op. It shattered my world. I wanted to give up on bodybuilding and competing. Then I realized, that is who I am. Nothing will change, I have to carry on with life. Time waits for no man. I message a friend to know if he will go with me when I step into the gym again. He was there as promised. We are the best gym partners now, he is like my brother, he helped me get back on track and focused for 2016. I will take on the stage on 14 May in the PTA classic – NABBA show.

I learnt that my body prefers carbs, I have tried low carb diets, keto diets, high protein diets, but my body responds well with high carb high protein approach. Our bodies are all different and we have to figure out in time what works best for us. It will take a bit of practice and time. But be patient, write everything down for keeping track and next prep you can revise and make changes if need be.

My approach to my workout varies from where I am in my prep, I start prep 16 weeks out, during off season I hit it hard and heavy, low reps, heavy weights to try and add some bulk to my muscle, in season my approach is a lot of supersets, drop sets and compound movements. Cardio also increases during prep time as I start off with 20mins a day and work it up to 1h20 a day closer to prep day.

Be prepared with patience on the day off competition. As it can become quite lengthy, ensure you have all your meals, water, bikini, heels, make-up, hair and tan perfectly. Always take a backup bikini anything can happen. Also remember your ID and Affiliation card if you have one. If not it can be obtained from the venue on the day. Remember entry fees as well as registration fees.

But best of all enjoy it. You have worked hard for that moment to be on stage. Show it off.

This year Supreme Sport with my trainer Kobie Pieters is behind me. I will work to reach new limits this year, push beyond my capability and try to qualify for Universe.

“If you want to be a lion, you have to train with the lions”.

Thank you for taking the time to get the inside of my story. I do hope I can inspire just one person to be the best that they possibly can.

See you on stage.

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hendryette.marais.9

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Hendryette Marais

Hendryette Marais

Hendryette Marais