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The reason I start to compete is because, I'm studying for personal trainer and I want to have the experience. So when I train my clients I don't only have the theory i have also the experience. I have learned how my body responds to al sorts of food and supplements.

When I'm off season I adjust my diet so that I'm gaining more mass but still maintain my shape. I have the same kinds of foods like porridge, coalfish, rice, eggs, chicken and green vegetables. I add some beef to it and eat more pasta in my diet. The only difference is that the grams are a bit higher, mostly with 50 grams. The most effective way for me to lose weight between the diets that I have tried so far, is to keep it as tight as possible. That means I have the same meals the whole day. This time I am trying to do it a bit different. I wanna try more different meals on the day and add more variation to them. I am going to start a blog where I will put in my findings and where people can flow me on my journey.

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I have had a high protein diet before my last competition, but unfortunately it did not give the results I was hoping for. Normally I am filled up and I get a good pump before I got to the stage, but this time it wasn't what I hoped for. I felt empty and apathetic but I have learned a lot about how my body responds to the diet and that's why I will try something new this next prep.

I didn't have the same schedule every week. I did legs 2 times sometimes 3 times because they needed more focus. I had 48 hours off rest between them. I train chest sometimes with arms or shoulders. I did back with arms normally and I trained my abs every day after my workout. Every day 7 days a week I train a full hours and also a hour of cardio right after my workout. Even when my carbs were very low I gave everything I had. With every training I did very heavy and 10 reps and also light with more reps. mostly about 20 to 30 reps.

On stage: At first I was super scared, but I knew I worked my ass off and as hard as I could to complete my goal and everytime a have made a small victory my self confidence grew. This is what I want to do and before I can help other people I have the experience how it would be. The moment I stepped on stage I got a feeling like I was Queen of the World. What a great feeling. Since then I trusted my self that I could do anything.

Recent show: At first I wasn't nervous at all. The check in went ok accept I didn't had my passport with me from the organisation so I had to buy a new one. There came the stress. Then we were finding a place where I could do my hair and make-up. Finally every things was done and then we had to hurry up because it was time to get on stage... it was the T-walk and line up at once so after that I didn't have to go back to the stage ... only for awards ceremony. Everything happened so fast and I didn't have the best shape but I gave all I had. I was back on stage and knew I had to work even harder to come back stronger. I couldn't enjoy it like the last time and I regret that because it is an experience I will never forget and hope to do it again. I am back in prep for the next one in April of 2017 and that will be my goal and I will win.

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I have started study for personal trainer, because I love to help people getting the body the always dreamed off and feel more confident about themselves. I never felt confident, but since I have started to do competitions that is in the past. I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished in such a short period.
I wanna start my own business and hope to do what I love to do for a long time.

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