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I wanted a challenge. A big one. For me it was a combination between wanting to change my appearance and lose some weight, but I needed a goal that gave me an extra push. Something to work towards. That's where bikini fitness entered my life. I have always loved weightlifting and did that in a undemanding way a few years back.

I'm doing my first competition this june. June 16th - Alstromerpokalen, Sweden. It's a beginner's competition and I will be competing in both the junior & senior classes.

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Diet: Well, first of all, I have had some guidance. I would recommend every first-timer (like myself) to use a coach. The biggest difference I would say is the amount of carbs and fat. I also include a cheat meal once a week during off season. But since I have done a weight loss-journey I haven't really experienced the "true off season" yet. But I have done a very healthy weight loss journey that helped me drop 11kg (24lbs) while building muscle.

Self-confidence: It happened gradually. As the weight dropped, I wanted nothing more than to show it off!

I do fasted cardio for 1 h before breakfast. I train legs, back and shoulders throughout the week, and workout about 6 times a week. I also do some HIIT-training afterwards.

How does being an athlete affect life: Well, off season it really doesn't. But 5 weeks out I don't always have the energy to do "normal things" like going out or socializing. Some people don't understand the lifestyle, but that's OK. Not everyone have to. I like to surround myself with people who do.

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Stay tuned... I have my eyes on some competitions later this year.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/hellegustaf
Email: hellegustafsson@gmail.com

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