Heather West - Natural Bikini Competitor

Heather: Back in August of 2013 I was looking at some pictures that were taken of me when I was ring carding at a local MMA event and was unhappy with the way I looked. Although I was working out a lot I couldn’t seem to get the body I wanted. I had always wanted the body of a bikini competitor but just couldn’t quite get there. So, I decided the best way to get that body would be to sign up for a competition, hire a coach and just do it! So I left the boxing gym I had been with for a few years, joined Vent Fitness in Latham, NY and worked with trainer Luke Griffin. I signed up for two competitions – one in March and one in May 2014. I figured by signing up for the competition a while in advance, it would motivate me to stick with the diet and exercise – and it did!

DIET: The diet I found most effective was eating small meals every three hours, seven times per day – sometimes 8 times! Each meal contained either chicken, egg whites, or white fish as my protein source. I would have ¼ cup of oats or half of a sweet potato for three of my early meals. At first, I thought I could have some peanut butter for my healthy fat, or some almonds – however after about a week I realized that this did not work for me as I couldn’t stop myself from going way beyond a serving size. So, I got rid of peanut butter and almonds and my healthy fat consisted of coconut oil with Kale and white fish at 9:30pm. In the off season I will keep my diet similar but add more cheat meals and allow myself more healthy snacks in between meals.

SUPPLEMENTS: I'm not a big fan of supplements as many that I’ve tried in the past make me feel anxious and panicky! So I only take Whey Protein Isolate (Nectar brand is my favorite – Double Stuffed Cookie is the best!) and during competition prep I will take Green Coffee Bean Extract and CLA (Tonalin). These two fat burners have absolutely no strange side effects. I buy everything at the Vitamin Shoppe and on bodybuilding.com.

TRAINING: During contest prep I will start doing cardio for an hour in the morning, 6 days per week. 15 minutes of HIIT included for 2-3 days per week. I train upper body one day, lower body the next day, and then have a rest day. It makes for a long time at the gym but I see the best results this way. Off season I will do moderate cardio 4-5 days per week in the morning, and about 30-40 minutes of weight training in the evening 4-5 days per week. I will do a quick ab circuit before every weight training session. I also teach Zumba Fitness classes but I do not count these classes as part of my cardio.

FUTURE PLANS: I just recently competed in a DFAC Competiton and placed 2nd in Bikini Novice and 4th Bikini Open. Although I am happy with my results I would like to add more muscle and bring a slightly different physique to the stage in the future. I am looking forward to taking at least a few months off after doing two competitions in a row as I am getting married in June!! (Need to enjoy that wedding cake right?!?)

Heather West
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Heather West

Heather West

Heather West