Heather Mitre - NPC Physique Competitor

Heather: When I first started weight training in 2012 it was only a bet I had made with my husband, who was then deployed, of who could be the most fit by the time he returned home. While he was on R&R he bought me a few gym outfits and shoes to motivate me. I guess it worked! I had just had our third child and was still carrying extra weight I had gained from him and a surgery, about 40lbs. I started changing my eating habits. While I was researching meal plans and DIETS (I hate that word) the only thought racing through my head was that this junk never seems to work. I decided I was going to have to change my lifestyle and the way I thought about food. I found a website that gave the most common female bodybuilder diets and it gave a beginner, intermediate and advanced plan. It also provided workout plans. This is where it all started. The more muscle I gained, the more fat I was losing, the better I felt. I had others at the gym telling me to compete and after a lot of searching, I found my contest prep trainers IFBB Pro Cinzia Clapp and Shawn Clapp and Team 907 Muscle Girls, whom I joined January 2013.

My first competition was 2013 NPC Vancouver USA Natural on March 30th, where I placed 5th. I then went on to place 3rd the the NPC Alaska State Championships in April. I have since been on my off season and had another surgery (unrelated to bodybuilding), we have also been re-stationed in Hawaii. I made a decision to build more muscle and get my training certifications from ISSA before hitting the stage again this fall. My off season and on season meal plans do differ quit a lot.

My on season thus far was minimizing salt intake, lowering my carbs, eating all my meals on time along with vitamin supplements and never forgetting my water. No cheat meals. The way I treat food is that it is only fuel. No sugar and now I even stay away from substitutes. This season I will be doing a bit higher in fats than last. I do not take any fat burners at this time I just use good ‘ol cardio. This prep coming up will be my first time without a coach, but I am very confident that it will work out. I believe that if you have enough knowledge along with self discipline it can be achieved, plus I am a hands on learner. For my off season I have been eating a higher fat plan and lower carbs. My supplements are just the basics (creatine, pre-workout, casine, amino acids, BCAAs, and sometimes protein) along with vitamins. During off season I do have “cheat” meals, but still healthy.

Weather I am on or off season I weight train 5-6 days per week. I did a 4 day split until recently. Now I have two leg days and I will sometimes split days depending on time in the gym. I try to stick with a 45 minute workout and no more than 1 hour. I do cardio 3x per week on season and every two weeks off season since we do more outdoor activities. I lift with heavy weight and use concentrated slow reps for growth. I care more about my form than what size weights I am throwing up. In the last six months I have seen quite a lot of growth because of this. I mainly train with free weights and not machines because though they help with form I believe that will come when developing your core and those machines don’t really help with that.

My future plans are to get back on stage this fall with what I built and have my Master Trainer Certification through ISSA, which I have just started. Someday I hope to be able to coach my own team in my own gym once we have settled down. I like to help people find confidence in themselves like I have and maybe help a few take the stage and see how rewarding it really is.

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