Heather Blystone - NPC Figure Competitor and Fitness Model

Heather: My childhood was spent back stage at bodybuilding shows. My mom competed up until about six years ago. Iíve never thought of competing myself until one day in the gym, a gentleman asked me if I have ever competed and was very surprised when I said that I have not competed. His reaction coupled with my inspiring mother sparked my interest in initially doing a show. My first show was the Flint/Mid-Michigan where I took second place in my division. I caught the show bug and six weeks later I was back on stage at a nationally qualifying competition.

When I am off-season I am more liberal with the timing of my macros and my carbohydrates in general. In my off-season I also cut a few cardio sessions a week and supplement more Olympic lifts into my weight training program. In my off-season my diet that I constructed SPECIFICALLY for me, my body composition and activity level (aka macros are not a one size fits all plan) consists of 130-150g of protein, 40g of fat and 100-ish-g of carbs per day.
On days I donít weight train I will cut my intake of carbs and supplement more protein and fats to hit my caloric goal for the day. I am a firm believer in the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I have been Paleo for almost six years now. You will 100% lose weight easily if you stick to a paleo diet. My number one piece of advice for changing a lifestyle is DO NOT TORTURE YOURSELF. Enjoy your meals. You do not have to eat bland food to be fit. There is a healthy alternative to ANYTHING you can imagine.

Heather Blystone

Supplements - The only supplements I take are Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and protein. I like to keep my diet as close to whole, natural foods as possible. I will drink BCAAs before a fasted cardio session and directly after an intense weight lifting session. These prevent muscle from being used as fuel instead of body fat. Protein shakes I only drink either in case of emergency (aka I forgot to bring a mealÖ I always carry an emergency protein shake on me) or directly after a workout. I also keep chocolate protein around the house for various healthy baking recipes!

Training - I like to split my training into a three day split followed by a rest and recovery day. My training days (during my off-season) are composed of a Pull, Push and Leg day. Pull day would be primarily back and biceps. I superset as often as possible to keep my heart rate at my target for optimal fat loss. Push day consists of chest, shoulders and triceps. Leg day is the third and final day of my routine before a rest day. On my rest days themselves I typically will do at least one session of high intensity interval uphill sprints. On recovery days I cut my carbohydrate intake and supplement my diet with more fats and protein to hit my target caloric intake goal for the day.

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