Hayley Smyth - Bikini Competitor

Hayley: Fitness has always been a way of life for me, since a young age I was in the gym doing my mumís fitness classes or in the boxing gym with my brother and dad punching the bag and sparing. My family is fitness mad and this is how my journey started.

I've always wanted to do a physique/fitness competition, I remember being 9 years old and living in America, seeing it on TV and thinking I would love to do that! And when I realised it had started to take off in England I immediately decided it was something I wanted to do, so I started to train for it. I then found I was pregnant so stop training so hard but kept my strength and fitness up throughout my pregnancy. After I had given birth (as soon as the doctor said I could) I hit the weights and started to bulk up. I got in contact with my coach Carmen Knights IFBB Pro who gave me a food plan and when my daughter was 15 months old I took part in Miami Pro and came 3rd.

I eat pretty clean all year round but I have two cheat meals a week in the off season. I always each small meals, often but in the off season I eat a variety of different foods including fruit and nuts whereas when Iím prepping my diet becomes limited. My pre contest diet looks something like this:
5:30am - Fasted cardio
7am - Protein shake and Oats
10am - Tuna, broccoli and rice
1pm - Chicken, Kale and sweet potato
4pm - White fish, broccoli and rice
7pm, Salmon or Steak and Spinach Gym - Weights
10pm - Protein Shake

Hayley Smyth

Hayley Smyth

I donít take any weight loss supplements as I prefer to be fuller with leaner muscle on stage and I worry that fat loss supplements may break the muscle down. I take a mixture of vitamins first thing in the morning, Whey protein with my breakfast and I add Glutamine to it for my after training shake. In the off season I add carbs to my after training shake as I get back from the gym at around 10pm and I donít want to be eating at this time.

When Iím about 6 weeks out from competition I carb cycle, this tends to work well for me. I havenít tried any other diets so far.

My weight training is broken down into body part but it varies week by week. A usual week may look like thisÖ
Day 1 - Legs (sometimes all over legs and Glutes sometimes I focus on Hams and Glutes or Quads and Glutes)
Day 2 - Back and chest
Day 3 - Arms and calves
Day 4 - Shoulders and abs
Day 5 - Rest

My diet doesnít really change around what or how Iíve trained but I listen to my body and if Iím feeling like I need to eat more in order to fuel myself on a particular day or for a particular workout then I will.

Iím a full time web designer and Director at www.zoocha.com as well as being a joint owner of www.proteinbulk.co.uk (selling protein in the form of chicken, steak etc) so I have to fit my training in before my little girl gets up in the morning and after work and when my little girl is in bed. My days are long but I have the motivation and determination to keep me going. I want to do a UKBFF competition next towards the end of this year but have not planned it yet and Iím thinking of doing WBFF at the o2 next June. I will always train for myself, like I always have done. I love competing and tend to keep going for the foreseeable future.

Hayley Smyth
Email: hayley.smyth@hotmail.com

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