Dr. Harriet Davis - IFBB Bikini Pro

Dr. Harriet Davis
Family Medicine & Sports Medicine Physician
Medical Director- Lifetime Athletic Charlotte
IFBB Professional Bikini Athlete

I am a former distance runner and track athlete that started strength training in 2012. I am very goal oriented so once I started strength training, I needed a goal. I began competing in 2013 (NPC bikini) and earned my IFBB Professional status in 2014 (NPC Universe).

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I am a 100% plant-based (vegan) athlete so my nutrition doesnít change drastically between competition prep and the off season. I enjoy more fruit and higher carbohydrate intake during the off season. In order to lean out for the stage, I have to increase the intensity and duration of my cardio sessions and also eliminate treats (tortilla chips, guacamole, popcorn, French fries, etc.). I have a nutrition coach so my competition meals are planned. Planning prevents failure. The only reason my meal plan will fail is if I donít follow it. I donít like to waste money so, I follow the plans recommended by my coach.
Strength training: 5 days a week; HIIT: 1 day a week; Cardio: 6 days a week. I eat 6 small meals a day during the work week and practice intermittent fasting on the weekends

Self-confidence: I was born with confidence. I won my first bikini competition at the age of 6. I have also trained for many years in dance (ballet, jazz), I enjoy public speaking and have always held positions of leadership (starting in grade school). Confidence is a part of my essence. Also, surviving the rigors of medical school is definitely a confidence booster.

My experiences are always positive. Thatís one of the many benefits of competing on the IFBB Professional Bikini level. No stress with regards to check-ins, prejudging or finals. Everything starts on time and runs very smoothly.

Life is full of challenges, obstacles, and problems. But learn to face them courageously with joy. Live every moment with happiness and positivity....you never know who you are inspiring! #thatwasmyfirstclimb #ropechallengeaccepted #exhilarating #iwasnttheretoworkout #alwaysreadytoexercise #upperbodyworkout #coreengaged #veganbikinidoc #flexfriday #plantpoweredathlete #ineverbackdownfromachallenge #couragefordays #strength #mindset #fridayfeels #gardenoflifeathlete

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Life as an athlete: It adds balance to the demands of my full time career. I am a physician and business owner. Having something to offset my attention on afterwork is therapeutic.

I plan to compete in 3 more shows this season. I have already competed in 2 shows in 2018 (Klash World-12th and Champions of Power and Grace/2nd Masters 35+ and 45+).

Contact info:
IG is @diva1098
Twitter: @veganbikinidoc
Facebook: Harriet Davis IFBB Bikini Pro
website: www.veganbikinidoc.wordpress.com

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