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I have had a love for health & fitness since I was younger, I was an athlete my whole life, and went on to pursue my bachelorís degree in Exercise & Health! After I graduated college, I decided to do a bikini competition for fun! I wanted to put on some lean muscle, learn and grow as a trainer, challenge myself and just try something new! I always love setting new goals for myself! I had no idea I was going to find my niche and fall in love with this sport!

I started competing in October of 2017. At my first competition, I placed 1st at NPC Continental USA, then two weeks later took 1st place at NPC Badger State. Last minute, my coach decided that I was ready for Nationals. Only 6 weeks after my first show, I got first call-outs at Nationals and placed 6th! After I learned what the IFBB was, it became my goal to turn pro in the spring/summer of 2018. I improved my package, but took 8th at Junior USAís. I was determined to turn pro in Chicago at Junior Nationals near home so that my family could be there, and I did just that! I made my pro debut at Chicago pro and placed 7th. I have been in off-season since July, because I was recovering from surgery and wanted to make big improvements for the 2019 season!

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Hard work cannot be supplemented. . . Becoming the best YOU means creating a healthy, happy, maintainable lifestyle. It is not a quick fix. There is no special pill. Consistency is key. ?? . . If youíre ready to work hard & crush your goals come 2019 shoot me a DM or send me an email ?? hanranfitness@gmail.com . . I am offering over 30% off all of my meal plans & training programs AND including check-ins! For my online coaching services, to the first 5 people who sign up, you will receive 1 month for FREE! . . This is LIFESTYLE coaching! Female & male clients are accepted! . . ?? peep my story for prep updates, some of my back workout today ???? AND a full grocery hull!!!! (Veggies, carb sources, protein sources, & condiments)???????????? . . My fat source is always @nutsnmore peanut butter (birthday cake flavor) that I order on @amazon ?? ?? . . . . #hanranfitness #hanran #ifbbpro #ifbbbikini #personaltrainer #fitspo #humpday #hitechfamily #bossbabe #personaltrainer #onlinetraining #onlinecoach #onlinetrainer #vlogger #gethealthy #bestyou #humpday

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My diet is very similar year round! I have always followed a meal plan. The main thing that changes is serving sizes! We slowly decrease servings as I begin to prep for a show, and when I am reversing out of a show, we slowly increase! I like to do egg whites and a bagel or oats in the morning. If my fats are higher, I will eat center cut bacon in the morning. My post-workout is always cereal or fruit. My two mid-day meals consist of lean meat and lots of vegetables. I eat a lot of rice and sometimes tortillas. Almonds or cheese may be added to my mid-day meals to increase fats/calories. For my last meal of the day, I always like eating a protein pancake with my favorite peanut butter! (Nuts ní More birthday cake flavored!) Off-season, I will include a few more free meals here and there and allow myself more treats! But, I am a creature of habit and love what I eat, so I keep it the same year-round!

Following a meal plan has been very successful and effective for me the past couple years! I allow small daily treats within my plan to help keep me on track. I eat foods every day that I enjoy, so I do not feel deprived. When we ďpush hardĒ and lower my calories, I get a weekly ďre-feedĒ that is a high carbohydrate, low fat meal, to help spike my metabolism back up after being in a deficit. I always choose pancakes with halo top ice cream and fat free whipped cream!

I have worked on my self-confidence over the years. Working with many posing coaches over the years has helped me build my self-confidence, learning how to present my package the best way possible! The more I practice, the more comfortable and confident I feel!

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Knowing I have less than 8 weeks to beat this look has got me motivated. . . Iím excited to bring a whole new physique this year. To me, 8 weeks is nothing. I have to say Iím lucky, because my feedback was to not come in as hard. So thatís an easy fix ?? My weight is higher this prep, BUT I have definitely put on some muscle, & the new girls add a little weight! ?? . . I asked @caseymfit in my check-ins this morning if she had a ballpark range for my stage weight, and Iím actually glad she didnít give me one. Because honestly, weight does NOT matter. & she reminded me to stay focused on my OVERALL look, which is right on track. ?? . . Every check-in we are getting tighter & tighter. Slow & steady we are chipping away! My energy levels have been great, & I havenít been hungry! First two weeks of prep are down! ???? . . Check my story for this mornings check-ins! ?? . . I canít wait to step back up on that pro stage alongside with new friends I have made along my journey. ?? . . I will be with @teambossbodies teammates (@naiymafit & @bea_fit320 ) and @ryanhinton Team Legacy teammates too @jazzyfresh.ifbbpro ?? cause we UNITE!!!! ???? . . Vegas here we come!!!! ???? . . . #ifbbpro #ifbbbikini #hanran #vegasbound #teambossbodies #teamhitech #hitechfamily #vlogger #fitspo #bikinicompetitor #personaltrainer #fitspo #aspiretoinspire #roadtoolympia #motivation

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I lift weights 5-6 days a week. I typically hit shoulders and back 1-2x each per week. I have at least 1 leg day a week that includes a little plyometric training and 1 glute day. I train abs at least twice a week. Cardio and HIIT depend on where I am at in my season. My current cardio is an incline walk on treadmill, and I do not have any HIIT in my plan. If I have HIIT in my plan, it may be a 1 minute sprint, 2-3 minute walk from anywhere from 12-28 minutes for example!

I had the most amazing experience at my pro-debut in Chicago! At Chicago Pro, Athlete check-ins went smoothly. So many pros said it was the best vibes they have ever felt at a show. Everyone was so encouraging and uplifting to one another. We received nice duffel bags at check-ins. Pre-judging and finals moved quickly. Everything was on time. Backstage was very clean and organized, and they provided us with bands. We had fun dancing, goofing off, and practicing our posing. They treated their athletes amazing and had a post show buffet full of treats for us!

As an athlete, I aspire to inspire those around me. Each day I strive to be better than the person I was the day before, inside and out. As an IFBB Professional, I love inspiring others to lead healthier, happier lives & sharing my knowledge with all those around me. I use competing to spread happiness, positive energy, encouragement, kindness, and laughter amongst the fitness industry. To me, this sport is about the never ending journey, the priceless memories, the endless laughter, inspiring & uplifting one another, and the friendships that feel like family. It is a goal/dream of mine to travel across the world to compete. I hope to represent this industry one day. I dream of being a positive role model to many women in this sport, inspiring others that you can do anything you put your mind, and most importantly your heart into. The passion in my heart continues to grow & fuels me everyday. I hope to spread that to as many people as I can.

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I live my life with passion. You canít tell me to do anything I donít want to. I only do things I love & make me happy, which is why I CHOOSE to prep. . . Prep is a choice. I am blessed to start prep today, to be in good health, to have all my family & friends endless support. ?? . . You will never hear me complain about packing my food everywhere, ďmissing outĒ on a holiday or my birthday (instead of focusing on food, I focus on quality time with loved ones), having to do cardio, or train 5-6x/week, because this is a lifestyle I chose & LOVE. . . Prep enhances my life. Just like personal training & coaching others to live their best lives enhances mine. Volunteering & mentoring kids enhances my life. Substitute teaching enhances my life. . . With all of these things I do, I am CHOOSING happy. I do things that I think are fun & bring joy to my heart. . . If youíre doing something you feel ďforcedĒ to do youíre not going to live up to your full potential. . . Let your heart guide you & you will THRIVE. Live YOUR dream. CHOOSE happy. Live with passion. Donít sit around just ďexistingĒ LIVE LIFE ? . . . #dreambig #roadtoolympia #ifbbpro #ifbbbikini #fitspo #livelife #aspiretoinspire #vlogger #choosehappy #hitechfamily #teambossbodies #bossbabe #lifeonprep #preplife #passiton #positivevibes

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My goal is to make it to Olympia 2019. I am competing at Legendís Bikini Pro in Vegas February 9th. Then, I plan to compete at Boarder Klash in March. I would like to compete at either San Diego Pro or Indy. I havenít picked out a certain show for April yet. I plan to compete at New York and Pittsburgh Pro. I would love to compete in Canada in June at Toronto Pro as well! In 2020, my goal is to make it to the Arnold in Columbus and Australia.

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