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I have been into lifting for about 4 years now. My gateway into fitness began in high school when I got onto the rowing team. Strangely enough, I loved the hard work and pushing my limits. Fast forward to earlier this summer, a trainer at my gym/now current coach, Platinum Built Training, asked me if I was interested in competing on his team. The rest is history.

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My coach is instructing me on diet right now. Iím only 4 weeks in but I have found that what he's done is helping me to lean out a lot without seeing too many changes on the scale. He has way more experience than I do, so I trust him to know what will work and what wont.

On stage: I donít know what itíll be like to get up there, but I imagine all the hard work you put into this helps you to want to show it off. If youíre proud of the work youíve done, the typical response is to want to show it to others. Itís like an artist taking their paintings to an art show. They donít do anyone any good stacked in a corner gathering dust at home.

Training: Lots of lifting, some cardio, and some abs. Iím finding fatigue is one of the most difficult things to overcome, but this is where the mental challenge of pushing yourself comes in. And while itís exhausting, I still enjoy it.

I am also a wife and a doctorate student. Luckily, I already didnít have a life because a lot of my time is devoted to school. Now instead of binge watching Netflix, I go to the gym instead. Itís a win, win.

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Iím seeing how things go in my first figure competition and take from there. Iím getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy so who knows what doors might open from this!

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