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My name is Hannah Cappiello. I am 23 years old, New England born and raised. About three years ago, I suffered from a bad eating disorder. I wanted to get help so I could live a happy and healthy life. After getting my nutrition squared away, I joined the gym and instantly fell in love with lifting. Working out became my therapy. I felt so blessed to have found a hobby that made me feel good and alive. I wanted to mentally, and physically train for something that no one could ever do. Thatís when I decided to compete. I wanted to create a healthy transformation of a sexy, strong confident girl.

After doing a lot of research, I decided I wanted to take it to another level, which was to compete. My first show was WBFF New England. I became very inspired by so many men and woman within that federation. My second show was Fitness Atlantic in 2016 which was nothing but amazing. I joined team Fight 2 Fitness where I got the best guidance and motivation. My coaches are amazing! Not only have I grown physically, but also mentally. I have transformed my mind in ways I never imagined. I am very grateful for the WBFF federation and the amazing people who make each show spectacular. I cannot wait to step on that stage again in April 2017!

I love food! However, during my contest prep, I stick to my diet 100% because if I donít, I won't be completely happy when show day comes. My coach designs my diet for me based on my height, weight ect. She knows exactly what my body needs. Together, we balance my carbs, fats, proteins ect. based on my goal. During my off-season, I still maintain a healthy diet but I certainly am not as strict. Everything is a trial and error so if something doesnít work the first time, we tweak it until the magic happens :) My best advice; Trust the process!

My workouts vary. Each day I focus on a specific body part. My favorite body-part to workout is my legs and booty! I train them at least twice a week. Cardio is usually done 4x a week depending on how my body looks and how many weeks left I have!

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I am very proud of my body. My body is my empire and I put a lot of hard work and dedication towards it. This has built my confidence because when you work so hard for something, why not show it off? Being on that stage is nothing but a pure bliss feeling. Knowing I have created a motivated, determined and confident woman is a feeling like no other.

Fitness Atlantic was such a great experience for me! When I arrived to the athletes meeting, I instantly felt like I belonged. Everyone was so welcoming, especially Brian and Donna. When you work so hard for a particular day, you donít realize how fast it comes. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I walked on that stage. Seeing the lights, hearing the music just felt unreal. I could relive that moment over and over again.

The biggest lesson I had learned from this journey is that strength heals all. With out the strength of being the best person you can be, trying your hardest, and keeping your head and heart up high, nothing will be accomplished. I continue to focus on myself and love myself before any thing else. I wake up every day and pray that all this hard work will be worth it, and it is. Growing older I am realizing how easy it is to forget about your dreams and how easy it is to push them aside until they randomly pop up again. However my mind has a different outlook on that. I believe that anything is possible and anything can be achieved.

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My future plan is to work towards my WBFF PRO card. I will not give up on that dream! Watch out Worlds I am coming for you!!! I have met so many talented people with in this industry/federation who has done nothing but inspire me to be a better person inside and out. Right now I am focusing on my prep for Fitness Atlantic 2017. I have some photo shoots booked and small goals in between. I am so excited!

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