Hannah Bryant Q&A

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
January 2013

1. Hannah, congratulations for becoming a UFE Figure Pro! So, how did you start competing in Figure?

Hannah Bryant: I like competition and I like a challenge, a clear target. I had danced from a young age, then become a Trainer, and I wanted to see how far I could push myself physically. Figure competition gave me that opportunity, to really test myself.

2. What motivates you and keeps and on-track through the grueling training and diet?

Hannah Bryant: I think there is a big connection between exercise and how your mind works. I know that when I am working out and training at my best, I perform great in all the other things I do. I am more focused with my work, I have more energy for my friends and family, and I have a much more positive attitude to life, taking on challenges.

In that sense, I don’t ever find it grueling, not even the final few weeks. I take a very much day by day approach, I enjoy the challenge.

Hannah Bryant

Hannah Bryant
Photo by Chris V Linton.

I notice with the clients I work with how once they start to exercise and eat better, the same thing happens to them. I try to get them to anchor those feelings to being in the gym, so they keep it as part of their lifestyle long term.

3. How did you decide to compete within the UFE? What are the opportunities it offers?

Hannah Bryant: I wanted to compete in a contest where I felt the organization matched my ethos on training and health. I wasn’t able to find that in the UK. My first show in 2007 with the NPC in New York was incredible, and I wanted to compete in shows that had that great feeling to them. I came across the UFE in 2009 and have loved every show I have taken part in. They do such a great job of making you feel supported and special; it is a real pleasure to take part in these shows. The opportunities that are offered by the UFE was a chance to come and train in Canada and after my first year of competing they started a Pro-Division and the chance to earn a Pro-Card which was an ultimate goal of mine. To be part of a natural federation, to build their profile of natural athletes and to earn a Pro-Card is like a dream come true. The UFE has now branched into the States and hopefully soon into Europe and the UK.

4. What do you consider to be your strong points as a competitor?

Hannah Bryant: I think the judges are probably better placed to answer that. I take great pride in my condition, in having really tight glutes, and good proportion. I really feel as if I need to add 4-6 pounds of muscle this year, mainly to my upper body, delts and arms, if I am going to be able to compete at the next level. That is really my focus right now.

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5. What do you wish you had known before you started doing shows?

Hannah Bryant: I wish I had known about the UFE earlier and decided to keep competing overseas but the UK experiences made be a better competitor and I was able to improve my physique every year which was my goal.

6. What is your philosophy of personal training?

Hannah Bryant: I really keep it very simple; I want to enhance my clients' lives, make them happier, have more fun. Not everyone needs to be doing a tonne of training, or dieting as strictly as a competitor. I don’t want to have them make sacrifices that impact other areas of their lives, like family and work. To me, my job is that by helping them manage their health and well being, they can do more of the things they really have fun with, and feel better about themselves every day.

7. Give me some examples of current fitness and health trends. How do you integrate them in your work as manager of Winners 2000 Torquay?

Hannah Bryant: I think we have been through the “functional” trend, and now the “Cross-Fit” style workout is really popular. I don’t have any problem with that, although I think care needs to be made in terms of managing the loading and intensity of peoples training. I also think there can be issues with exercise form, as people tend to be very focused on a certain number of reps or time. We have a very clear mission statement at our clubs, “To improve the quality of peoples lives”, and a very precise and managed method of inducting new members and supporting them through their journey. We have just won the National Gym of the Year for 2012, and we are now working towards winning that again in 2013.

8. What do you think is the biggest issue facing people who hire personal trainers today?

Hannah Bryant: Without being disrespectful, I think there are a number of personal trainers who maybe qualified, but simply aren’t at the level they need to be to give people advice on diet and training. I think many of the programs and diets prescribed are actually doing more harm than good. I think our industry qualifies people very quickly with a very low level of knowledge and then stops looking at what they are doing. It can give us a bad name.

9. A new study says that if you want to burn fat and lose weight, aerobic exercise beats resistance training. What do you think?

Hannah Bryant: I don’t think it is anywhere near that simple. Burning fat is a natural process that should happen adequately without anything extreme. But, through bad lifestyle choices, lack of purpose and clearly defined goals, poor diet, lack of exercise, people develop such ill health that they become fat storage machines, not fat burning machines. Until you are able to fix the hormonal side of things, most specifically the insulin and glucagon balance, plus control insulin and adrenaline, then I think any type of exercise program is just papering over the cracks. When that is done, I believe both cardio and resistance training have an important part to play in any clients long term health, but of course, each case is specific.

10. What is a typical day in the life of Hannah Bryant?

Hannah Bryant: It starts around 5, with any cardio activity or restoration style work I have that day, then straight into my morning clients, and if it is a training day, I like to lift around 9am. I generally stop for a break at lunchtime, try to get some rest, meditate or sleep, then re-start my day around 2-3pm, with my managerial work, until I go back into the gym around 5pm to see members and clients. I like to wrap up my work days by around 8pm and eat my last meal as early as possible. I try to take at least 2 days break from work per week and focus on fun and family things, seeing friends and just relaxing.

11. Future plans?

Hannah Bryant: I have many, professionally, personally and athletically. This year I want to add around 4-6 lbs of lean tissue to my body, that is really my number one competitive goal. Business and career wise, I want to develop my understanding of certain key parts of exercise programming, and improve how I can work with clients. I also want to add more stars to my great team at Winners 2000, develop more trainers, and of course retain our Gym of the Year trophy. And of course, to compete with the UFE in the North American Championships, Professional Division, November 9th 2013.

Hannah Bryant
Winners 2000 Torquay
Contact: Hannah@winners2000.co.uk
Website: www.hannahbryant.co.uk.


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