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I never really hear about these things. I just started go to the gym the end of March because I wanted to lose weight so I found a personal trainer. A month later I lost 5 kg and she told me that I should try to complete. So one day I said why not, we can try. So I started my proper diet at 2nd of July. This was 13 weeks.

My trainer made the diet for me every time. It was changed almost after every second week. Always more protein less carbs. I could lose 1 kg every week. I started by 1750 or 1700 kcal and finished around 1200kcal. I didn't try anything else. Everything was really good for me. My body changed perfectly.

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I had a posing coach who came to see me a couple times and my trainer looked at me as well. I practised a lot and at the end when I was really lean and skinny I was just really proud of myself and I wanted to show what I done. I couldn't wait that I will be on the stage. I never feel that much confidence than I had that time.

Training: I had 2 times upper body, 3 times lower body with ABS and 3 times cardio / week. I had 2 rest days when I did just cardio. Near at the end on those days I had a 'no carbs' day.

Every one said to me who competed before that the last couple of weeks will be horrible and the hardest. I think it wasn't too bad. Yes, I was really emotional but the training was always fine the diet was harder. Just when someone was eating next to me something nice. But I never really felt that I'm starving. I really enjoyed this time. I was just really tired. I'm a work rider so I'm riding on the horses in the morning (that was my morning cardio) after I went to the gym and when I was finish I went back to work. Even didn't help that I always was late at the night. I know that isn't right but it just never happened that I was early.
The check in... I always look forward because I wanted to know my body fat. On the stage I had 11.4%. I was really happy. Everyone said that I looked incredible and amazing. Sure that I will be placed. But this didn't happen. The comp was a really big disappointment. I was sure that I will place and I hadn't anything. No one could understand why but this is always about the judges. What they are looking.

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After the comp and my big fail I was felt really depressed and empty. Like I had an every day routine for half year and suddenly it was over. I trained the same like I did before or even harder but I had only one chance and I failed. So I try to enjoy just the training and forget the competition life. I loved it but I have a lot of things why I can't do anymore. Maybe one day I will stand on the stage again.

I would like to be a personal trainer I try to pass the exams and I keep training hard because anything can happen. I will see. I don't want to give up.

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