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Halina: I started doing sport when I was a child. I was 3 years old when my mother took me to the swimming pool. Later on I did track and field sport, hammer throwing, powerlifting and body-building. I must say that my body and my muscles are the result of hard work. I have been competing all my life and when I saw that my body was in perfect shape, I decided to take part in figure category IFBB in 2010. But I was too big for this category and too small for bodybuilding. And it was when womenís physique category appeared in 2014 that I decided to compete again.
EBFF European bodybuilding championship 2015, Santa Susanna, Spain Ė 3-rd place womenís physique category.
IFBB World fitness championship 2015, Budapest, Hungary - 3-rd place womenís physique category.

Iíve been eating clean for many years. Actually, I try to stay in good shape throughout the year. In off-season I eat more complex carbs and I have a cheat-meal once a week before midday. At pre-contest time the quantity of complex carbs is usually reduced and there are no cheat-meals. As for me, the most effective diet for weight loss is carbohydrate alternation. And if you want to build muscles the best option is to eat clean food with a sufficient amount of macronutrients.

A constantly small amount of carbohydrates doesnít work for me if I want to lose weight. And I am definitely against cutting carbs completely. I also think, itís wrong to gain a lot of fat during the off-season.

Training - I love experiments. I always change my training program and of course I look in the mirror, do the measures and alter my training program based on it.

Iím sure that if I like myself, if Iím confident and if Iíve really worked hard before the competitions, everyone will notice this. The secret is to believe that you are the best. I love stage, I love people and I always believe in my victory.

The recent contest I took part in was IFBB World fitness championship 2015, Budapest, Hungary, where I came 3rd. It was amazing experience for me, because lots of great sportsmen took part in it. I didnít quite like some organizational moments though, such as board and lodging. But I had my multi cooker with me and cooked all the necessary food myself. But in general the contest was organized at a very high level. I realized, that a large number of competitors at Prejudging were in fact very strong opponents, which made me worry. I competed with many of them at EBFF European bodybuilding championship 2015 in Santa Susanna. I have to admit that Iím proud that I managed to beat them in the finals and to become 3rd. All in all, I enjoy friendly atmosphere during all IFBB competitions.

I have I a lot of students. Iím going to come to EBFF European bodybuilding championship in 2016 as a trainer. My husband and our students will compete there.
At the moment I want to have some rest. As far as the future goes, I have to say, Iíve got big plans, but Iíd rather not talk about them now. Currently Iím looking for financial support, which will help me to implement my ideas. And I certainly dream about winning the IFBB World fitness championship and having a chance to compete at Mr. O.stage.

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Halina Titova

Halina Titova