Hailey Delf - IFBB Figure Pro

I am honored to feature Hailey Delf - a new IFBB Figure Pro!
Hailey won her Pro card last week at the 2017 Jr. Nationals.

Jonathan. L - owner, Models Observer
June 2017

Please share experiences and feelings from 2017 NPC Junior Nationals

Hailey Delf: I was pumped to check in and compete at JR Nats. About a month prior, I won my class at JR USAs, but narrowly missed my pro card, so I was definitely bringing my best to Chicago. This was the first time I had ever done a 2 day show, so I was excited to see how that process differed and effected my look. Luckily, it only helped my stage appearance! Friday night prejudging was intense. Backstage, before my class, I pumped up with a few friends and felt ready. Usually, I remember everything from prejudging (my time on stage), but I must have been a little nervous, because I donít recall much! NPC News Online posted pictures of the line up and our individual routines though, so I was able to relive the experience when I stepped off stage. Getting first call outs and not moving from the middle was an amazing feeling going into finals the next day. On Saturday, finals rolled around and I was super excited and much less nervous. I enjoyed every moment and just let the chips fall where they may. All the work was done and luckily everything worked out for me! When they announced my name as the winner of my class, it felt so good. Itís hard to explain because so much of my life has been dedicated to bodybuilding and perfecting my physique. At that moment, the highs and lows, the good times and the tears, were worth it and they always will be.

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Prep (diet + training, differences from previous preps)

Hailey Delf: This prep was a wild and long one. Before JR Nats, I had been dieting for 32 weeks. My coach and I planned on competing earlier in the year at a local show, only to find out later that I didnít need to re qualify for nationals. So, plans changed and we set our sights on JR USAs. JR USAs went well. I looked the best I had ever looked, but it wasnít quite good enough to accomplish my goal of becoming a pro. So, we went back to the drawing board, took critiques from judges, and spent the next three weeks making sure that no stone was unturned before stepping on stage at JR Nats. If I said dieting for 32 weeks was easy for me, I would be lying. I tried my best to win one day at a time. When I played collegiate softball, I would focus on one pitch and one inning at a time. This mentality transfers well for me when it comes to bodybuilding. If I can do my best one meal and one workout at a time, eventually it adds up to something great. My coach pushed me harder this prep and my body responded really well. I suffered at times, but to be your best, you have to embrace the suffering and focus on what really matters. Being mentally tough helped me level up and ultimately beat my competition because I brought the better conditioning.

Challenges during the prep

Hailey Delf: Well, 32 weeks of dieting was tough, but unfortunately, not the hardest part of this past prep. When I started prepping, I was a high school English teacher in eastern Iowa. At the end of prep, I became a strength coach in West Des Moines, Iowa. My husband and I moved in order for him to start a new career. I left my teaching job and began a new career too! I love my new job, but making such a big life decision during prep was certainly not ideal. Stress can really change your body, but with the right support system and mindset, I was able to handle it in stride and not let it get the best of me. At times I thought we were crazy, but we are never faced with a situation we canít handle. Hard times either make or break you, and Iím happy to say that we got through it together!

NEW IFBB PRO ?? Thank you to everyone for the support! #ihavemoretosay #butineedsleep ?? Stay tuned! I am SO grateful. #newifbbpro #dreamcometrue #holyshit #isthisreallife

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So, how did you celebrate the win?

Hailey Delf: We celebrated with Chicago deep dish pizza, of course! I had never had Giordano's and since my aunt and uncle live in Chicago, they hooked me up with a pizza for post show and a frozen pizza to take home. It meant the world to me that my family was able to see me win and celebrate with me afterwards. My husband and parents are the most supportive people I have in my life. To see them overcome with emotion when I got off stage was really inspiring. They struggle right along with me. My win was their win! Itís so amazing to be loved and supported in such an eccentric sport - they are the real mvps.

How does being an athlete affect your whole life?

Hailey Delf: Being an athlete has made my life what it is today. Because of athletics, I see things differently and have the guts to believe in myself. Athletics have taught me how to fail, how to win, how to push myself past limits, how to play a role, how to be patient, how to be aggressive, how to take whatís mine, how to be proud of my strength, how to be fair, and how to cherish simple moments. Sports and athletics have been one of my greatest teachers and have helped me develop into someone I am proud to be.

Future plans

Hailey Delf: Iím going to take an off season to give my body a needed break and work on things I need to make better in order to really compete in the IFBB. I plan to compete in 2018, but have not chosen a show as of yet. Iím excited to get back in the weight room and make improvements!

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