Greta Razey - Bikini Competitor

I decided to compete on stage as I am actually scared of being on stage and I wanted to overcome this fear as well as show my clients and friends as a Personal Trainer at Fitness First that I can transform myself and learn the process of stage training and nutrition that athletes go through emotionally and physically. I believe in always challenging myself and my clients.

Diet: When I bulk to gain more muscle I look at increasing carbs during this period and before stage I tend to have no carbs at dinner and minimal during the day. I eat clean all the time and increase carbs or decrease depending on how I look. I also had a coach Sheena that I worked with on nutrition and training to be accountable to someone else. I drink around 3-4 litres of water a day and cut back slowly before competition day. I would have 6 meals a day mainly sweet potato baked, protein of fish, chicken or red meat and stuck to veges and salad that didn't bloat like spinach, kale, mushrooms and asparagus. I cut out diary as this also tends to bloat me. I had one cheat meal a week which I made a good one. I tend to have oats every morning also being low GI and mix with water, protein and cinnamon.

This was my first bikini comp but I felt it worked well with my body and my coach Sheena really kept an eye on me. I also used calipers for bodyfat testing to check if I was on track every 2 weeks.

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Training: I did 45-60mins fasted cardio in the morning sipping aminos to maintain muscle and between 20-50mins HIIT in the evening. My HIIT involved treadmill sprints, hill climbs and lunging for 30mins or I went for a bike and did 1min fast and 1min slow for 50mins. I trained 6 days a week with resistance strength training and had one day off I still did fasted cardio on. Each week I changed the reps to keep shocking my body into growing and every 4 weeks my coach sent me a few plan. I worked my food around my training and aimed to have a carb meal after exercise so tried to avoid late night weights as I was sometimes not having carbs in the evening meal.

Self confidence: I spent an hour a day practising posing till I was feeling a bit more confident about what I was doing. I took videos and photos to check my angles also. I had a fabulous support group from family and friends to clients cheering me on and I held myself accountable to my instagram (gretski131) following posting daily progress shots and I definitely couldn't let them down let alone myself.

I have always loved fitness and to be able to stand on stage with so many amazing athletes was worth all the training, food cravings and no life. I dedicated myself to my goal and achieved it by being able to step on stage with a smile and do something I never thought I would do. I haven't been able to beat that feeling since so I can't wait to get up there again soon. I was very nervous at first and then I just wanted to get up there and give it my all. You have great support from the other ladies which really helped me on the day. I really didn't know what was happening and when I was on stage it all just came together and I knew I did a good job. The photos after I saw I couldn't believe that girl on stage was me. Seeing friends and family there made it also worth it to make them proud of me.

I moved my business from New Zealand to Sydney at Fitness First and from there I will look at another show in Sydney. I haven't decided which one but I will be doing another one as I love training like an athlete and I'm passionate about fitness and seeing if I can beat the girl in the mirror at another show. I am also doing online training as well as Personal Training so I am concentrating on my clients' goals and business at the moment. I hope to be sponsored by some great companies in Sydney and build up some new partnerships with local businesses. I can always be found at the gym training hard and finding new ways to transform myself and my clients.

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Personal Trainer at Fitness First, Market Street, Sydney.

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