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Grace: I started competing when my sons father told me I was fat. Then I went to a RightAid Store and score a magazine that said Galaxy on it. There was a blond girl on the front cover with a swimsuit full of rhinestones, her name was Brandi Carrier. She had a bit of a muscular built and very pretty. So, I open the magazine to see more on what this magazine was about. It looked like a beauty pageant with an obstacle course included and a bikini round. There was a sheet inside the magazine to fill out on this fitness competition so I filled it out and there I went. That was the first fitness competition I did. From there on I got hooked.

My off-season I like to eat more carbs and once in while have my cheat meals. My pre-contest diet consists of cycling my carbs and no cheat meals. The best diet I find to build my muscle and still burn fat is cycling my carbs from low medium to high. And adjust my diet to my training. For example my high carb day would be the most intense workout and my low carb day would be my light training day. I find this works for me the best. The composition diet that field on me was a little to no carb high-protein low-fat diet. Because then my body falls into ketosis and doesn't know what to do anymore it hits a wall.


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The components of my trainings are, lifting, cardio and HITT programs, and of course Bad Ass Academy my favorite place to get shredded. My high carb days would be with high intensity my low-carb days would be with less intensity.

I built my self-confidence to strut my physique on stage by practicing my posing with watching videos on how the pros would do it. I would search for the best pro's and Monica Brant would pop up a lot. So, I watched her over and over till it stuck in my head. I'm proud to say she built that part of me on stage. Thank you Mo!

The most memorable feeling was August 2015 at the Masters National championships, when at the Finals they mentioned my name in first place, I knew I won first place but I thought only the overall winner gets there pro card. So, I thought I didn't get my pro card. But when Steve Weinberg (East Coast Chairman) came to the back of the stage and told me you finally did it!, I asked him finally did what? He said you got your Pro-Card. It was that moment when I started to cry because I didn't think I got my pro card and did.
It took me 10 years to finally get my pro card and that means the world to me. I've come through many injuries, surgeries and obstacles to finally get it. Many that know me in this sport also cried for me because they knew how long it took me to finally get it.

I really want to thank all the trainers and coaches I had along the way through this journey (Jamil, Big mike, Bev Francis, Mike Davis, Harold Palacios) and of course Fakhri Mubarak who got me my card/ and my husband Tony who stuck by my side all these years. All of these trainers and coaches will always have a place in my heart, without them I would not be who I am today.

My future plans are to have a baby, keep coaching other figure and bikini athletes and Have an acting career, hoping To get a principle role on Orange Is The New Black instead of being background.

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