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Grace: Well I decided to make some changes in my life. New outlook on life I guess you could call it that. Health and Fitness have been a huge part of my new life since the end of 2010 when I really needed to make some healthy changes and honestly drop a lot of weight. I'd say I was hoping to loose 20-30lbs.

Being out of shape isn't easy especially when you loose track of whats happening to your body and so I really wanted to make a change. I started to work out in October 2010 using home videos on a daily basis and eating balanced healthy meals.

In August of 2011 I was on Twitter checking things out and was adding to my not so long list of people to follow that were in the fitness industry to get some motivation as the videos and the scale can only take it so far. Anyhow both my husband and I reached out to a personal trainer and our lives really changed forever. We learned a lot about training, nutrition and really embraced our new lifestyle.

We have not looked back since and have both lost over 30lbs and decided to prep for our first fitness competition May 19th, 2012 in Kelowna....Who would have thought?

Currently I am slowly tightening my meal plan as I am about to star prep for BC Provincial Championships which will be held in New Westminster at the end of June.

My meal plan does not change very much from off-season to contest prep. I always try to eat whole foods in terms of micronutrients but I do indulge in my off season with a few treats. My weaknesses are mostly baked goods pastries, breads and flat breads with dips.

I once tried ketogenic meal plan which definitely helped me loose body fat faster however I did put most of that fat loss back on once I introduced carbs back in my meal plan.

In the off season I do not use fat burners as it really is a waste of money, even in the first month off prep I take minimal supplements now as I truly believe it is calorie deficit and consistent compliance to my meal plan that shows the greatest results. I wish there was something that works like magic but there isn't, once a little deeper into prep I take PhD Fat-Catalyst which creates the ultimate thermogenic effect that initiates a chemical reaction for accelerated fat loss but it must be structured with a well balanced meal plan to be effective.

I currently lift 5 days a week plus one metabolic training session.
I train legs twice a week plus one day is fully dedicated to glutes.
One day I dedicate to back and shoulders and one day to arms Saturdays are a day off to relax and enjoy time with my family and puppies.
Sundays I join a group of great athletes for a full hour high intensity cardiovascular metabolic training I also have recently started hot yoga which I attend at least twice a week. Class selection depends on my goals. Currently I am hoping to gain more flexibility, balance and some deep relaxation.

I work with an amazing coach and trainer Keashia Wester IFBB Pro so that makes it a lot easier to follow the plan. It's really well balanced and put together towards my goals. I follow the plan results follow. It really is the way to go.

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Currently my home gym is:
World Gym Fitness Centre
7130 120 St, Surrey
(604) 592-3090

Currently I am sponsored by PhD Nutrition Canada

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Grace Bukowsky

Grace Bukowsky