Georgiana Iacob - Bikini Competitor

The first time I stepped in a gym was six years ago, because of medical recommendation, it saved my health and also my life. With the help of my trainer, I learned to love my body and to act according to his needs. I learned how to respect myself. It should the priority in our life.

To achieve the best shape in a competition, I change my diet and dose my “macro-nutrients” with more care as I get close to an event. I usually decrease constantly the dose, but every change on my diet is decided on the base of my body’s state; that’s why it’s important to be assisted by a competent coach. There is no “absolute right” diet, there is a complex program that lets me achieve my desired results.

In 2015, participating in the Arturo Petrarca CLASSIC, I was in a better shape than previous competitions, but not as I wanted. The problem was not the diet, but the little time I have devoted to the preparation. Doing everything in a hurry, my body went under stress. So I suggest you to do everything with the necessary calm and to pay attention to what your body needs.

Strangely I increased confidence in myself when I began competing in the IFBB Italy, which is the best federation in which I have ever competed. I say “strangely”, because finding myself on the same stage with the best athletes of this era I was supposed to feel fear, instead this pushed me to do my best with elegance and confidence. I’m satisfied about my results in the IFBB and I hope to improve more. I know that everything depends on myself.

Three are the main components of my program: nutrition, training and integration. I usually do 4 workouts plus 2 workouts for weak muscles or the muscles I want to tone more. I do half an hour of cardio training in addition to the normal amount of time spent in the weight room. Power and integration instead, accompany me every day. They have become my way of life.

The competition that had the stronger impact on me was the one I couldn’t do. I’m talking about the Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona. It was a tormented preparation accompanied by personal problems. I went all the way through the end pushed by the desire to overcome my limits. After following the training program, bought airplane tickets, made the reservation of the apartment and the pre-competition registration, I had to give up. I had to come to terms with reality. Thinking again about it now, with a bit of commitment more I could have done it. I have regrets but I know that I will have the chance to redeem myself in the future. Every fall makes me stronger.

One of my future plans is to compete in the IFBB European Championships. I hope to start from there and continue to build my dream. I hope not to stop, just that would be a victory.


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