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I have been gyming for many years and I was constantly being told that I would do great if I did compete. I eventually took the plunge after much convincing and there has been no turning back for me.

My off- season diet is still quite strict, I do however add some fruit. This diet consists of carbs where as my pre-contest diet is normally a 6 day no carb 1 day refeed ketogenic diet with no fruit and a lot more discipline. Off-season I tend to allow myself more cheats should I be craving, just so that I am able to find the balance between the two. I can’t say that any diet I have tried has not worked, as I have always been in a calorie deficit in order to be able to burn fat. I have however found that my digestive system struggles with copious amounts of red meats, I end up very bloated, so I try and stay away from too much.

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I have 60 min fasted cardio every morning except a Sunday where I train legs religiously. Later in the day I have a 45-60 min weight session followed by either 20min HIIT or 40 min low intensity cardio. I have also started doing some classes such as the grid and twenty four which has allowed me to explore an entire different side to training. Balancing training and my diet is easy as they have been designed by my coach to work hand in hand. I have enough meals before weights and my metabolism from the morning cardio session has slowed down.

Self-confidence: Honestly…. I still struggle and I do hope this is a fear I can conquer fully. That being said I do love being on stage, but I do have to mentally prepare myself back stage and have some conversations with myself. I work hard for my body and that makes being on stage that much easier.

Athlete check In can be gruelling, depending on the number of athletes that need to check in. This can lead to a huge wait before pre-judging begins, and being thirsty as we have not had water from the day before is difficult. In these moments I have sworn never to step on stage again, but once my line up is called for pre-judging and your heart is pounding and im up on that stage, all of that negativity falls away and the bug bites once again. Pre-judging and finals are so exciting and it reminds me of why I love what I do so much.

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I am currently studying personal training, I wish to change lives as mine was once changed and now I never look back. I am aiming at doing the Arnold Classic 2017, so I'm working hard to qualify next year. I would also love to be a fitness model. Anything in the fitness industry are goals for me.

Genevieve Fernandes

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